Dr. Danny McGuire


SYLLABUS in Department of Physical Science office.  Please contact your instructor if you have questions or concerns.

Dr. Danny McGuire
Department of Physical Science
Room 225F       PHONE: 580-581-2888
e-mail   dannymc@cameron.edu

You are each responsible for the following procedures and schedules.

1.  Attendance is required for each laboratory session.  Be on time. Attendance records are kept.
     No results, data sheets, etc. accepted from those absent.
2.  No laboratory exercises can be “made-up”.
3.  Goggles are required and must be worn in the laboratory at all times.
4.  Each student is responsible to adhere to all safety rules as identified in the “Laboratory
    Handbook for General Chemistry”.
5.  There is no Pre-lab assignment for the first laboratory activity (Week One).
6.  Chemistry 1361 meets in Room 217.
7.  Chemistry 1471 meets in Room 221.
8.  Generally, each student will have a laboratory partner.  Each pair of experimenters is required
     to maintain an assigned lab locker/space (no keys), return clean used glassware to the lab
     locker assigned, return hardware to the correct storage drawer, and clean their work area.
9.  Before a laboratory grade is assigned, you must have a passing grade assigned in the
     chemistry lecture course (departmental policy).
10.  No “horseplay” in the laboratory.
11.  Chem 1361 students absent from Lab 1 are required to complete the exercise before they
       begin Lab 2 or any subsequent lab.  However, you will lose 15% of Lab 1 points.
12.  Each laboratory activity is worth 25 points. You can drop the low score.
13.  Each pre-laboratory assignment is worth with 10 points. You can drop the low score.
14.  Lab 1 is worth 25 points but does not have a pre-lab.
15.  Lab scores total 655 points.
16.  Grades are assigned to points earned as follows:
Lab reports 13 @ 25 pts.     =325
Pre-lab sheets 13@ 10 pts.  =130
Lab Final                             =100
Technique and Safety           =100
                                     total  655 points
 590 - 655 points (~ 90%)   A
 524 - 589 points (~ 80%)   B