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( A Direct Descendant Line) from:

Joseph Prichard - b. bef. 1760 - d. bef. 1798

Henry Prichard - b. abt. 1790 -  d. abt. 1850

Joseph Marion Prichard -  b. abt. 1809 - d. Jan. 1860

Henry John Prichard - b. 1836 - d. 1896)

John Henry Prichard - b. 1869 - d. 1941

Harve Henry Prichard  -b.  1896 - d. 1972

me - Charles Harold Prichard (1938 -   )

My Prichard family followed the traditional trail West from North Carolina through Wayne County Tennessee, then to Izard and Stone Counties of Arkansas and on to Parker and Tarrant Counties in Texas before coming up into the Chickasaw Nation of Indian Territory. Family branches are thriving in Texas and Oklahoma today as they are probably all along the trail. I am working at understanding the struggles, hopes and fears of obviously optimistic ancestors.

Earliest entries of our Prichard line and the Prichard family migration begins  in Pasquotank Co. North Carolina with our earliest known Prichard ancestor, Joseph Prichard.

JOSEPH PRICHARD (b. aft. 1693  and d. bet.   1793 - 1798) in Pasquotank. Co. N.C. one of the most easterly and a coastal county of the Albermarle Sound.  The general area is referred to on early maps of the Jamestown and Virginia Colony as "The Dismal Swamp".   Joseph was married to MARTHA (unknown) and among their 6 children had a son, Henry  Prichard.

HENRY PRICHARD  quite possibly a skipped generation (b. abt.. 1790 in NC and d. abt.. 1850 in Wayne Co. TN) was married to RACHEL (Unknown) and produced 10 children, the eldest of which was Joseph Marion Prichard.

JOSEPH MARION PRICHARD (b. abt.. 1809 in Wayne Co., Tennessee, and died during the great Flu Epidemic of  January, 1860 in Izard/Stone Co., Arkansas.  He married (1) SARAH CASH abt.. 1829 in Wayne Co. Tennessee, daughter of JOHN CASH and SARAH MERRITT (born abt.. 1813 in Wayne Co. Tennessee, and died Bet. 1844 - 1847 in Wayne Co. Tennessee). He later married (2) MARY ELVIRA (RISNER) BELEW Sept. 24, 1846 in Giles Co., Tennessee, daughter of JOHN RISNER and RACHAEL (Unknown).  She was born abt. 1815 in Tennessee, and died Jan of 1860 in Izard Co., Arkansas of the same Flu Epidemic.  It is most likely that they are both buried in Gayler Cemetery on South Sylamore Creek in Stone Co. Arkansas.  Gayler Cemetery is adjacent to the land description of a land patent issued to Joseph Marion Prichard in 1859.  One of the sons of Joseph Marion Prichard and Sarah Cash was Henry John Prichard.

HENRY JOHN "DICK" PRICHARD ( b. abt. 1836 in Wayne Co., Tennessee, and died Dec. 02, 1896 in Parker Co., Texas and is buried in Ash Creek Cemetery).  He married (1) SARAH JANE (UNKNOWN) abt. 1857.  She was born abt. 1836 in Tennessee, and died Jan. 27, 1879 at Azle, Parker Co., Texas and is also buried in Ash Creek Cemetery).

Henry John enlisted as H J Prichard, Sept. 12, 1861 in Company "H" of the 8th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, C. S. A.  The 8th Arkansas was heavily involved in the battle of Shiloh April 6-7 of 1862 as part of Wood's Brigade in Hardee's Corps.  H J PRICHARD was medically discharged June 13, 1862 with the diagnoses of " hypertrophy of the heart".    He then married (2) NANCY A PENNINGTON Nov. 16, 1879, in Azle, Parker Co. TX.  Nancy A Pennington was daughter of ANDREW PENNINGTON and MARY GEORGE.  She was born Jan 9,1844 in Arkansas, and died  Jan18, 1917 in Duncan,  Stephens Co., Oklahoma.

When both Joseph Marion Prichard and his second wife, Mary, died of pneumonia in the flu epidemic, January of 1860 leaving several minor children; Henry John Prichard and a brother, James Marion Prichard and others , appear to have taken in those children along with others who suffered lost parents during the same epidemic as well as from the War, (1861- 1865).

HENRY JOHN PRICHARD moved the family from Sylamore township, Izard/Stone Co. AR to near Azle, Parker Co. TX between 1870 and 1872.  That places them there some 2 to 4 years before the last Indian raid into Parker County.*

*   " The last Indian raid in Parker county was recorded in 1874",
         according to the Handbook of Texas History).
The eldest son of HENRY JOHN PRICHARD and SARAH JANE (UNKNOWN) was my grandfather, John Henry Prichard.

JOHN HENRY PRICHARD (b. May 10, 1869 in Sylamore township, Izard Co./Stone Co. AR . -d. Aug. 08, 1941, in Duncan,  Stephens Co., Oklahoma) was my grandfather.  He married  SOPHIA ELZORA WOOD (b. Nov. 07, 1873 in Joplin, Jasper Co. MO. - d. Mar. 12, 1936 buried in Duncan, Stephens Co. Oklahoma).   John Henry Prichard became a merchant, farmer, Baptist Minister and Baptist Missionary in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory in the 1890s.  He and his family made a home in and near Duncan, (Stephens County, after Oklahoma Statehood in 1907) except for brief periods of return  to Azle, Parker Co., and Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas.

In the photos above: On the left  is an early photo of John Henry Prichard in his "preacher mode".  The photo on  the right, is of John Henry, my Grandmother, Sophia Elzora (Wood) Prichard and their first three children. The children are, a daughter, Annie Mae Prichard, and sons William Andrew Prichard and Thomas J. Prichard.  The photo was taken in Fort Worth, Texas circa 1895.

HARVE HENRY PRICHARD, my father, was born in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory on Dec. 15, 1896, in a "half dugout" on a farm near a place called "Stage Stand", bordering a creek of the same name now in Stephens Co. OKHarve Henry Prichard took me to view the place of his birth not long before he died, August 2, 1972.  The farm was located about 2 miles south and 3 miles west of the present day intersection of highways  OK #7 and US #81 north of Duncan, in Stephens Co., Oklahoma. He indicated a hillside and said that there had been a one room school not far away, where he attended through the 8th grade. I believe the school carried the same name, Stage Stand..
The John Henry Prichard family (seven boys and 2 girls) made several moves back and forth between Indian Territory, (with statehood in 1907) - Duncan, Stephens Co., Oklahoma and Azle, Parker Co. or Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas between the 1890s and 1918.

The photo below shows Harve Henry, my father, third from the left wearing a sweater.  The photo was taken near the corner of Main and Marine Streets in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas circa 1917 during one of the family's "Texas" legs.  The sign above Grandfather's  Fort Worth establishment gives the name of the proprietor of the "Sunshine Market" as: J. H. Prichard*    (note that there is no "t" in his spelling of Prichard on his sign).

*     For unknown reasons; 5 of the 7 sons changed the spelling of the surname to include a "t".   However, two of the brothers, my father, Harve and my uncle Claude and most of the time my uncle Tom, maintained the "Prichard" spelling. This discrepancy has not gone unnoticed.  The last surviving  wife of these boys is reported to have said that she was told, "All the ones that spelled it with a 't' were hoss thieves." And she lived in Fort Worth.
the handwritten names are in my mother, Ella Prichard's hand
Three of the 7 Prichard sons made their homes in Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma. Tom would become a rancher and Duncan businessman.  Claude and Harve also became businessmen in Duncan, and they too maintained connections to farming and ranching but they lived in town.  The 4 other brothers: Clyde, Bill, Odus (Mud) and Pat made their homes in North Central and West Texas.
Below, 5 of the Prichard brothers, (Left -to- Right) : Mud, Claud, Pat, Harve (my father) and Tom are shown with their cars in Duncan, Oklahoma about 1920.  They were always competitive as are most brothers and as you can see, they LOVED their automobiles - and did so all their lives.
 Odus (Mud),  Claud,  Pat,  Harve (my father) and Tom
5 of the sons of John Henry and Sophia Prichard gathered
in Duncan, Oklahoma Circa 1920s

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