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Photos on this page serve two purposes. They are both a vulgar display of pride/joy and an attempt to portray the ages and stages which are covered in my primary teaching assignment, Developmental Psychology.
  (there are other samples on the Dev. Psych Page)


Prenatal Development Photos: click the check 



Dr. P. himself: representing Infancy/Toddlerhood (at age - about 6 mos.)

for more modern examples, click the check: 

Dr. P. way back in Middle Childhood.
Sometimes called the "age of innocence". Enough said.

Middle Childhood- the school years

Easter Sundays are tough when you are in the third grade.
Here is Dr. P. in Mrs. Glass' class.


One more example of both Early Childhood and Middle Childhood. This is a photo of Marc and Amy, children of Dr. P and Doris P. The picture is obviously quite old, now. They are now, both in their early 30s. I hope they will forgive me. (they both HATE this picture, I know not why)

Early Adulthood

  Tim and Amy (Prichard) Tutt  (Christmas '98)
Our daughter Amy and her husband Tim Tutt.
They do actually grow up and move away.
These two now live in Washington, D.C.


Our son, Marc Prichard and his new Bride, Deb.
Marc is with American Airlines and Deb is a veterinarian.
They live in Roanoke, Texas, just outside of Fort Worth.


We had a great time planning the recent wedding and  festivities.
Tim Tutt, Deb (Heron) Prichard, Dr. P Justin Marc Prichard and Doris (Girty) Prichard.


"Just a pack of Toddlers"


These guys are rough and ready for action.
Have you ever seen this many this still before?

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