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Check-List Plan for Writing a Multi-Paragraph Theme:

    1.       Choosing and restricting a writing subject
    2.        Stating a main idea or thesis
        Surveying probable sources
    4.        Outlining major developmental divisions
    5.        Selecting developmental materials
    6.        Expanding developmental divisions into subdivisions
    7.        Expanding the outline into first draft
        Revising the first draft into final working copy
        Revising the final working
      Proofreading the final copy

Basic Requirements for a Thesis Statement

    1.        It states the essay's subject - the topic that you are discussing.
    2.        It reflects the essay's purpose - either to give your readers information or to persuade
                        your readers to agree with you.
    3.        It includes a focus - your assertion that conveys your point of view.
    4.        It uses specific language - vague words are avoided.
    5.        It may briefly state the major subdivisions of the essay's topic.

Writing Process - Grouping Ideas

        Unity occurs when every sentence directly relates to the main idea of the paragraph.
       Coherence occurs when sentences in a paragraph are smoothly and logically connected to
                one another.

               transitions: words or expressions used to develop coherence, they also show
                chronological sequence (then, next, after that); cause and effect (as a result,
                therefore); addition (first, second, and, furthermore); comparison (similarly); and
                contrast (but, however, still, nevertheless).

        Development - when a paragraph contains the examples, facts, and discussions readers
                need to understand its main idea.