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Degree Granted
N.E Oklahoma University
B.S Chemical Education
Oklahoma State University
M.S Chemistry
Texas Woman's University
Ph.D. Chemistry

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Dates Position
Muskogee Central High

Chemistry and Math Teacher 
University of Oklahoma

Summers Visiting Professor
University of Texas Dallas

Summers Visiting Scientist
University of Southern Mississippi

Summers Visiting Scientist
Cameron University
Instructor of Chemistry 
Assistant Professor 
Associate Professor
Professor of Chemistry 

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  • Recipient of The Cameron University Phi Kappa Phi Distinguished Faculty Award
  • Named to Outstanding Young Women of America
1981 & 1989
  • Phi Kappa Phi Meritorious Service Award
  • Cameron University Student Congress Outstanding Professor Award
  • Oklahoma Chemist Award
1992 & 1993
  • Cameron University Advisor of the Year
  • Who's Who International 
  • Who's Who in International Business and Professional Women
  • Who's Who Among American Women
  • Who's Who Among American Teachers
  • Cameron University Distinguished Service Award (Highest Award given by the University and first Faculty Member to Receive this award)
  • Listed in American Men and Women in Science
  • Who's Who in America in Science & Engineering
  • Who's Who in America
  • American Chemical Society Henry Hill Award (National Award)
  • Cameron University Faculty Hall of Fame Award
  • Oklahoma State Science Teacher of the Year

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Presented Over 75 Talks to College and University Honors Convocations and Phi Kappa Phi Initiations 
April 15, 1975
Pocono Manor, PA
E.A. Nalley and J. E. Johnson, and C. Weidig,  Reactions of O-Alkylbenzohydrox-  imoyl Chlorides with Sodium Meth oxide, Inversion of Configuration at Trigonal  Carbon During Nucleophilic Substitution, presented at the International  Symposium on Nucleophilic Substitution
Chicago, IL
E.A. Nalley and J. E. Johnson, A Kinetic Study on  an Acid Catalyzed Isomerization About Carbon Nitrogen Double Bond, l70th National American Chemical Society Meeting (Abstract ORGN-69)
April 15, 1977
Cameron University
E.A. Nalley and A. Dunham, Study of the Ultraviolet  Spectra of Protonated Methanol 12th Annual ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
March 27, 1978
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
E.A. Nalley and Brian Meek, Mass Spectra of  O-Alkylbenzohydroximoyl Chlorides",  l3th Annual ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
Dec. 9, 1983
Tulsa, OK
E. A. Nalley, Using Chemistry in Oklahoma in a Descriptive Chemistry Class", 39th Southwest Regional ACS Meeting
April 8, 1983
Cameron  University
E.A. Nalley and Angela Lee, Ethyl Acetoacetate As An Iodine Sink in Oscillator Reactions,  l8th Annual ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
New York
  • E.A. Nalley, Wichita Falls-Duncan, A Challenge to  Others, Invited LSAC Symposium, 191st National American Chemical Society Meeting
  • E.A. Nalley, CHEM-QUEST: A Chemistry Program for Outstanding Sixth Grade Science Students, 191st National  American Chemical Society Meeting (Abstract CHED 221 )
April 4, 1986
University of Tulsa
  • E.A. Nalley and Jennifer Krebs, Synthesis of Cinnamic Acid Esters, 21st ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
  • E.A. Nalley and J. Vance, The Effects of Certain Anions on the Cross linking Ability of  Derivatized Guar, 21st Annual ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
April 4, 1987 
Norman, OK
E.A. Nalley and J. Kern, The Synthesis and Photo chemistry of Chloroindene and Acetylated Chloroindene, 22nd ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
Feb. 13, 1987
Stillwater, Oklahoma
E.A. Nalley and K. Koll, A Pre-Highschool Science Workshop - Aids for Teaching  Science Effectively in Grades K through 8, Fourteenth Oklahoma Committee on Chemical Education Conference, Oklahoma State University
April 23, 1988 
Durant, OK
E.A. Nalley and S. Hahm, Synthesis of 3 and  4-Phenyl-1,2-Dihydronaphthalenes, 23rd Annual ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
April 24, 1990 
Tulsa, OK
E.A. Nalley and P. Hale, Aloe Vera, ACS Meeting-In-Miniature  
April 1991 
E.A. Nalley, T. Leighty, and D. Nelson, Model  Studies of Hydroborane Derivatives, ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
April 1991 
Boston,  MA
E.A, Nalley, Industrial Sabbaticals:  An Overview,  National ACS Meeting
August, 1991 
Atlanta, GA
E.A. Nalley, Activity Spells Success, Invited Symposium, National ACS Meeting
Nov. 1992 
Lawton, OK
E.A. Nalley, Computer Molecular Modeling:  An Asset to Teaching", Oklahoma  Academy of Science State Meeting
April 1992 
Stillwater, OK
E.A. Nalley, J. Lawrence, and T. Bench, Exams Can Be Fun:  A Video Quiz Bowl, ACS Meeting-In-Miniature 
Feb. 1992 
Bartlesville, OK
  • E.A. Nalley and T. E. Snider, Interactive Science Teaching for Elementary Teachers, Oklahoma ACS Pentasectional Meeting
  • E.A. Nalley. Creating Our Future,  Oklahoma ACS Pentasectional Meeting
February 1992 

E.A. Nalley, Certification and Licensing for Chemists, National AIC Meeting, Invited Speaker
April 1992 
San Francisco, CA
E.A. Nalley, K. Vitense, and J. Lawrence, SAACS  Building Professionalism, Invited Symposium, National  ACS Meeting
April 1993
Denver, CO
T. Bench, E.A. Nalley, and K. Vitense,  Tradition  Breeds Success, Invited Symposium, National ACS Meeting
Aug.23,  1993
Chicago, IL
E.A. Nalley, Redefining Discrimination", National ACS Meeting,
Feb. 22, 1994 

  • E.A. Nalley, Activities for Teaching Elementary  Science, Phillips Petroleum Green Country Workshop
  • E.A. Nalley,  Incorporating Polymers in High School Science Classes, Phillips Petroleum Green Country Workshop
July 21-23, 1994 
San Diego, CA
E.A. Nalley, Learning Chemistry Through Computer Molecular Modeling, International Symposium on Mathematics/Science Education and Technology
Aug. 22, 1994 
Washington D.C
E.A. Nalley, The Four Year College Professor  A Rewarding Career, National ACS Meeting
Sept. 10, 1994 

E.A. Nalley and T. E. Snider, CU to the 21st Century-An exciting Experience for  High School  Students, 39th ACS Oklahoma Pentasectional Meeting
November 13, 1994

E.A. Nalley, Incorporating Polymers into Undergraduate Chemistry Through  Computer Molecular Modeling,  Southwest Regional Meeting (Invited Symposium Speaker) 
April 15, 1995. 
Cameron University
E.A. Nalley, S. Towell, & W. E. Stillick, CHEM. QUEST:  Challenging the Gifted & Talented, Oklahoma ACS Meeting-IN-Miniature
April 29, 1995
Cameron University
E.A. Nalley & S. Towell, CHEM. QUEST:  Demonstrating Interactions,Phi Delta Kappa Regional Meeting
March 1, 1997 

Cameron University
E.A. Nalley, Computer Molecular Modeling from PCModel to CAChe, ACS Pentasectional Meeting
Aug. 29, 1997
Las Vegas, Nevada
E. A. Nalley and T. E. Snider,  A Summer In Science: Combining Fun with an Interesting Educational Experience,  American Institute of Chemists National Meeting
October 31, 1997
Tulsa, OK
E. A. Nalley, Applications of Computer Molecular Modeling in Teaching Freshmen Chemistry, ACS Southwest Regional Meeting
April 29, 1998 
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Robert C. Lapo and E. A. Nalley, Cameron University and Bill Durham, University of Arkansas,  The Synthesis of Ru[(5'-Methyl-2,2'-Bipyridyl-5yl), Mesitylene], ACS Meeting-In-Miniature
Aug. 15, 1998 
Ponca City, OK
E.A. Nalley, Computer Molecular Modeling:  A New Way to Teach Conformations and Aromaticity,  ACS Pentasectional Meeting
Aug. 24, 1998 
Boston, MA
  • E.Ann Nalley and Attila E. Pavlath, The Henry Hill Award:  Its Purpose and Awardees,  ACS National Meeting
  • E.Ann Nalley and Atilla E. Pavlath, The History of the Professional Relations  Division, ACS National Meeting
November 5, 1998
Wichita, KS
E.A. Nalley, Applications of Computer Molecular Modeling in Teaching Organic Chemistry, ACS Midwest Regional Meeting
April 19, 1999
Oklahoma           State Capitol
E.A. Nalley, Sara  B. Kiehn, and Daniel  W. Schuerch, Separation and Quantitative Analysis of Complex Mixtures Used in Cosmetics, State Capitol Day
Oct. 8, 1999.
Edmond, OK
  • E.A. Nalley, M. Weathers,  and Jennifer Ellis, The HPLC of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera,   Research Day, Central  State University
  • E.A. Nalley, S.B. Kiehn, and  D.  W. Schuerch, Determination of  Unipertans In Sun Screens, Research Day, Central  State University
  • E.A. Nalley, S.B. Kiehn, C.A. Smith, M. Weathers, and  D.W. Schuerch, Determination of Salicylic Acid, Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, and Eucalyptus Oil in Arthritis  DaCreams, Researchy, Central  State University
  • E.A. Nalley, Is Chitosan Effective in Removing Fat From Ingested Foods,Research Day, Central  State University
  • E.A. Nalley, S.B. Kiehn, and R.W. Wurth, Determination of Zinc Oxide in Baby Cream and Sodium Fluoride in Tooth Paste, Research Day, Central  State University
  • E.A. Nalley and W. Allison, Should Liquor Stores Be Allowed to Sell Cold Beer, Research Day, Central State University
October 9, 1999
Tulsa, OK    
E.A. NALLEY, Using Natural Products to Teach Chemistry in a Summer Science Academy,  ACS Pentasectional Meeting

Table of Contents


American Chemical

Elected to the National Board of Directors in March 1997
Term 1997-2003

National Committees
as a Board Member

Professional and Member Relations (1997-99) 
Society Committee on Education (Consultant 1999) 
Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (Consultant 1999) 
Committee on Chemical Safety (Associate Member 1997-99) 
Local Section Activities

Councilor(l980-83 and 1985-1997)
State Activities 
Chairman OCCCCE Conference(l977) 
Chairman 26th and 31st ACS 
Oklahoma Pentasectional Meeting 
Regional Activities
Chairman Educational Technical Session
Southwest Regional Meeting (l984)

Chairman Southwest Regional ACS 
Committee on Selection of Outstanding
High School Chemistry Teacher (1984) 
National Activities

Member-Local Section Activities Committee(LSAC) 1982-83 
Chairman LSAC-Subcommittee Annual Reports Review(l983) 

Member of the Following LSAC Subcommittees:
Annual Reports Review (l983) 
LSAC Symposium (l982 & 83) 
Executive (l983) 
Secretary LSAC (l983) 

Member Economic Status Committee (LSAC) 1984-1993
Vice Chair (1987-93) 
Chairman CES Subcommittee on New Ventures (l985 & 1986) 
Chairman CES Subcommittee on  Symposia (1987) 
Chairman Joint CES-MAC Task Force on Certification/Licensing (1989-present)
Chairman CES Subcommittee on
Mid Career Chemists (1991-present)

Member of the Following CES Subcommittees:
Inter professional Relations (l984) 
Joint Subcommittee on Employment Aids (1984-1986) 
Symposium (1987) 
Personnel Policies (1988-90) 
Mid-Career-Chemists/Engineers (1988) 
Secretary CES (l985, 86 and  88) 
Personnel Policies (1990) 
Task Forces Certification (Chair) (1986-89) 
Non-Academic Sabbaticals 

Member of Committee on Economic and
Professional Affairs (CEPA) 1994 

Member ACS Task Force on Federal Policy Agenda 1994 

Member of Committee on Membership Affairs 1995 
Member of ACS Committee on Safety 1996-present 
Member of ACS Board Committee on Professional Relations Division of Professional Relations 
Member of Executive Committee since 1986
Secretary 1989-95
Chair 1996

American Institute of Chemists 
National Board of Directors 1993-96

American Association for
The Advancement of Science 

Oklahoma Academy of Science 

Association for the Advancement of
Computing in Education 

Higher Education Council of Oklahoma 

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi 

Local Chapter Activities President Cameron Chapter (l978-79)(1999) 
Member of Cameron Chapter Committees 
Executive (l977 to present) 
Fall Initiation (l977-80) 
Scholarship (l980 to present)

National Activities
National Regent (l980 to 1989) 
National Vice President -1989 to 1992 
National President-Elect-1992-95 
National President 1995-98 
National Past President and
Member of the Board (1998-2001) 
Chair of 12  National Committees 

Honor Society Memberships

Sigma Xi
Sigma Pi Sigma
Phi Delta Kappa
Iota Sigma Pi
Phi Eta Sigma

Table of Contents


E. A. Nalley, J. E. Johnson, and C. Weidig, Reactions of  O-Methylbenzohydroximoyl Chloride with Sodium Meth oxide,
J.Amer. Chem. Soc., 95, 2051 (1973)

E. A. Nalley, J. E. Johnson, Y. K. Kunz, and N. McPeters Silk,
Dipole Moments and Configuration of O-Methylbenzo-hydroximoyl 
Chlorides, J. Organic Chemistry, 41, 252 (1976)_

E. A. Nalley, J. E. Johnson, N. M. Silk, and M. Arfan,
Mechanism of Acid Catalyzed Geometric Isomerism About a Carbon- Nitrogen Double Bond,
J. Organic Chemistry, 46, 546 (1981)

E. A. Nalley, J. E. Johnson, C. Weidig, and M. Arfan,
Mechanisms of Alkoxide Substitution Reactions at the Carbon Nitrogen Double Bond Stereoelectronic Control During Nucleophilic Substitution,
J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 46, 3623 (l98l)

E. A. Nalley, Operations Manual for the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi,
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (1989)

E. A. Nalley, ACS Employment Services and Cameron University,
In Chemistry, V.1, No. 3, 8 (1991)
E. A. Nalley, Phi Kappa Phi Triennial Review,
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, (1992)
E. A. Nalley, R. A. Caldwell, L.D. Jacobs, T. R. Furlani, and J. Laboy
Conformationally  Dependent Heavy Atom Effect of Chlorine on Alkene Triplet Lifetimes. 
Experimental and ab Initio Calculations, J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 114, 1623(1992)
E. A. Nalley, J. Droske, C. Gilmer, J. Jasinski, G. Matson, K. Quaal, Chang-Ning Wu, J. Young  Integrating Polymers Into Core Chemistry Courses: 
A Sourcebook, Polyed National Information Center (1993)

E. A. Nalley, Computer Molecular Modeling: An Innovative Teaching 
Technique, Southwest Retort, April 1993

E. A. Nalley, Learning Chemistry Through Computer 
Molecular Modeling, Proceedings of the 1994 
International Symposium on Mathematics/Science 
Education and Technology, San Diego, CA July 21- 23, 1994

E. A. Nalley, Learning Chemistry With PCMODEL, POLYED 
National Information Center, (1994)

Table of Contents


National Science Foundation POLY-ED SCHOLAR-1992-1993
    One of five scholars selected at the National  level to develop curriculum materials to incorporate polymers into general and organic chemistry curriculum. I developed curriculum materials for the applications of computer molecular modeling as a means of teaching principles of  polymers but also for simple molecules.  I authored a laboratory  manual for computer molecular modeling.  As a part of this program,  I helped to conduct three national workshops in 1993 for college  and university faculty.  These workshops were designed to teach  college and university faculty how to incorporate polymers into their curriculum and how to use computer molecular modeling as a teaching tool. 

    October 1992 Conducted a workshop at the University of Arkansas Chemical Education Conference on Computer Molecular Modeling. 

Recent activities include training in Multimedia Presentations. 
Attended two workshops on multimedia presentations.
These include: 
  1. Richland College Multimedia & Innovation Center Summer Institute for Multimedia Studies, June 16-18,1994
  2. Authoring Multimedia for Math and Science Instruction, International Symposium on 
    Mathematics/Science Education and Technology, San Diego, CA July 21, 1994 

Have organized and chaired 7 National Symposia at National ACS Meetings and one at Cameron University

Table of Contents


    In order to keep abreast of the rapid changes which take place in chemistry, I have continued to take university classes and participate in short courses and workshops since completion of my Ph.D. These include:


Fall 84 
University of Oklahoma
Chemical Aspects of Environmental Science
Fall 85
University of Oklahoma Hazardous Waste Management and Chemical Toxicology          
Fall 85 
University of Oklahoma
Biological Aspects of Environmental Science     
Fall 1986 
University of Oklahoma
Environmental Science
Fall 1988 
University of Oklahoma Principles of Soil Science
Spring 1990
Oklahoma State University
Chemistry of High Polymers


Short Course/ Workshop

Summer l970 
Texas Woman's University
NSF Summer Workshop on Analytical Instrumentation
Summer l975
Argonne National Laboratories
Summer Institute on Technology of Nuclear Power
Fall l977-Spring l978 
Christian Brother's College Memphis, TN
NSF Chautauqua Short Course on Industrial Organic Chemistry
August 1981
University of  Arkansas 
Microprocessor Interfacing Workshop
May l982 

Perkin-Elmer Short course on Use of Infrared Data Stations
Dec. l983 

Perkin-Elmer Short course on Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
Spring l984 
ACS Spring National Meeting SRI Workshop on Chemical Toxicology
Spring l985 
ACS Spring National Meeting
Workshop on Carbon-l3 NMR
January 1990 
Wichita State University
Workshop on Mass Spectrometry  
May 21-26, 1995
Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO
National Science Foundation Workshop  on Three Dimensional C13 NMR

Table of Contents

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