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human machine interface design
management information system
web communications and design-workshops
advanced legal and ethical issues
distance learning development
advanced instructional design
advanced web communications
educational technology research and development
capstone project I &II
instructional media research
web systems technologies

educational technology reserach and development
This special project course familiarizes students with the research process required to conduct experimental research in IDT and disseminate the students with the construction of online procedural digital treatments. The research process includes problem definition, literature review, selection of research design, subjects, and data collection techniques, data gathering, processing and analysis, and implementation and recommendation. The treatment construction includes manipulation of existing treatments via advanced web tools based on suggestions from current research and new hypothesis.

instructional media research
This graduate workshop will provide participants with an overview of refereed research studies that describe how media influences learning and how to conduct experimental media research. Each student will conduct a literature review and develop a research design for a selected instructional media problem. If time allows, students will also learn how to conduct data analysis and report the results of their study.