Cameron University Muslim Club
Meeting #1
Howell Hall Room: 211
December 01, 2017
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

  • Attendance:

All Members are Present

  • Agenda:
  • Welcome greeting from CMA President and Advisor
  • Short introduction of each member
  • Serve Pizza and Drinks
  • Discussion on how to raise fund for the club
  • Dr. Johari suggested club should organize a pot luck for CU students and ask Lawton communities to join. “Food from different culture”. The pot luck should be in March before Spring break. Because April is a busy month for the school. There are many events going on at that time. The pot luck should be a great opportunity to recruit new member.
  • Dr. Johari will create a website for the club or the VP, Farhin will create a group on Facebook for the club.
  • Agree on having a meeting at least once a month. Probably sometime during 2nd week of the month.
  • Use Facebook group chat for communication between members
  • During Ramadan we should get together sometimes for Iftar and Prayers.
  • Try to recruit member for next semester.
  • Any idea is welcome.