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A. Johari is an associate professor of Instructional Technology / Multimedia Design, at Cameron University (CU), where he teaches courses in IDT. He holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. from Arizona State University where he took courses in Educational Media and Computers, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Cognitive Psychology, and Computer Engineering Technology. He is a former performance improvement consultant in industry, the editor of the International Review of Educational Technology Research and Development (ETR&D), and a bilingual and multicultural individual. He brings knowledge of instructional media, human learning, visuals for instruction, advanced technology, and meaningful international perspectives to the design of multimedia instructions including online e-learning educational environments.

His research explores the effects of visuals and animations on online instructional procedures, qualitative process evaluation of project-based internship programs, and IDT international issues. He has published in the Journal of Instructional Psychology, Journal of Educational Computing Research, Performance Improvement, and ETR&D. His recent publications demonstrate the effects of visual-only procedures on online learning, and the effects of temporary motivational theories on project-based teaching approaches. His recent article, “Project-Based Learning in Internship Programs: A Qualitative Study of Related Roles and their Motivational Attributes” will appear in this year's second issue of ETR&D, in the development section.

His service activities to the IDT profession and his academic contributions through editorship, support, mentorship, organizational, management, technical, and consulting have continued to be one of his best strengths. At CU, he is a permanent Graduate Council member and graduate/undergraduate research mentor, a board member and mentor of both McNair and Louis Stokes (NSF) programs, and an advisor to the Cameron American Indian Student Association. He served on CU’s Research and Curriculum Committees as a chairperson for years and since Sproing 2001, he has served the Lawtoon community as an academic advisor by overseeing over 150 IDT capstone projects.

In terms of national service, he is not only the editor of the International Review (IR) Department of ETR&D, he is a member of the Development Board of Consulting Editors for ETR&D, and the Journal of Visual Literacy (JVL). He is a board member of the JVL and of the International Visual Literacy Association, where he also serves as the chair of the Publication Committee overseeing three publications: JVL, Book of Selected Reading, and TheReview. He has recived many awards including a USAID grant to provide online instruction to a developing country. He has served on the International Division (ID) of AECTsince 1985 as a board member and has held many positions. He is currentely an official representative of ID to ETR&D.