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Tutor helping a student in the Writing Center

Our Services

At the Center for Writers, you can discuss rhetorical, grammatical, or mechanical issues during any stage of your writing project. Whether you are a first-year student with limited experience or a Masters-level student working on your thesis, we can help you increase your understanding of the writing process.

Whether you are unsure about how to respond to an assignment, narrow a topic, develop a thesis, improve a draft, document sources, or polish your completed essay, we are here to provide a knowledgeable response  to your writing and information about strategies you can use to continue to improve your skills.

We will also help you to write effective resumes or responses to questions on applications for scholarships or graduate or professional schools.

You receive all our services without charge, and while no appointment is required, we recommend that you make one if you would like to be seen at a particular time. Otherwise, our staff will help you on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Our Staff

Our staff consists of a full-time director, a part-time assistant director, and part-time peer tutors. All of us are dedicated to helping you become a more confident academic writer.

Contact Information

For appointments or questions, call (580) 581-2932.

For more information about the Center, contact
Carolyn Kinslow, Director
(580) 581-5524