Resources for Writers

Recommended Sites

Citing Sources

Bibliography Builder - Form-based resource that allows users to generate Chicago and IEEE Style reference citations that can be imported into word processor documents

IEEE Computer Society Style Guide - "The mission of the . . . Guide . . . is to clarify editorial styles and standards used in the Society's publications."

Research and Documentation Online - Purdue University resource that provides guidelines for citing resources in various disciplines

Landmarks Citation Machine - Form-based resource that allows users to generate Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) Style reference citations that can be imported into word processor documents

Creative Writing Resources

Poets & Writers Online - Online variant of the prestigious Poets & Writers magazine. The site offers publishing advice, classifieds, literary links, and more.

Critical Reading & Thinking

Critical reading - Information available on this site offers much insight into the fundamentals of critical reading and effective writing, and includes selections on such matters as inference, ways to read, and grammar.

Grammar and Usage Sites

KISS Grammar Site - "This site offers 1) numerous essays that explore the problem [of the way grammar is typically taught], 2) specific suggestions about what grammar should be taught in which grade levels (including explanations of how and why), and 3) a large selection of instructional material, including answer keys so that parents and teachers can study the KISS approach and decide for themselves if it makes sense" (Vavra).

Literary Resources

Bartleby's Library - Famous Quotations - Searchable collection of famous, and not so famous, quotes

Bartleby's Library - Online Texts - Assortment of online texts, indexed by category: reference, verse, fiction, and nonfiction

Literary Resources Page - Collection of links to English and American literature sites, as maintained by Jack Lynch at Rutgers University

The Luminarium - Online anthology of Middle English, 16th century Renaissance, and early 17th century century texts, indexed by author and period and supplemented with biographical information and critical essays. Like Harvard's Chaucer site, it is beautifully illustrated.

Online Writing Labs

Purdue University OWL - Site provides links to numerous resources for both students and faculty

Renssalaer Writing Center

Resources for Writers

AskOxford - Excellent site dedicated to the exploration of words and the use of the English language

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Research Resources in Education and Technology

Strunk and White's Elements of Style

Wordsmyth - Educational Dictionary and Thesaurus

Searching the Internet - Tools & Tips

Searching the Internet - Tips and Strategies

Web Source Evaluation

Auburn University Library - Site provides links to multiple sites offering evaluation criteria


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