CU-VA Degree Plan

The following is a variety of items that can specifically affect the smooth continuation of you VA benefits, and helpful hints of how to avoid payment problems & delays.


  • ALL VA students that are degree seeking at Cameron University must have a degree plan drawn up by the Director of Veteran Affairs, Vicki Henson. Appointments can be made by calling 581-2301, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays. The VA requires the CU-VA to maintain a degree plan for each student's educational objective. VA degree plans are not official until approved by CU-Admissions.


  • If a degree plan is reviewed in the Veteran Affairs Office, the student does not need to have a degree plan from CU-Admissions.


  • Degree plan appointments need to be done AFTER ALL prior official college transcripts are in the CU-Admission's Office. All transcripts must be requested for VA purposes even if CU-Admissions does not need them.


  • Failure to have a degree plan properly drawn up by the CU-VA during the first semester of pursuing your VA stated educational objective can result in a delay of payment. A degree plan must be done before a person can be certified by CU-VA a second time.


  • If you have not had a VA degree plan completed by Mrs. Henson, you will be certified as PENDING by the CU-VA and the CU-VA office can not check for applicability of courses toward your VA degree plan. YOU are RESPONSIBLE for making sure your classes are required by your VA degree plan.


  • Notify the CU-VA of All CHANGES in degree plan pursuit selection.


  • VA will not pay to repeat any courses that were completed successfully. Letter grades of A, B, C, and D are passing. Students will not be paid to repeat a course successfully passed for academic forgiveness or reprieve purposes! Exceptions: Some courses require a specific minimum grade. Check the University Catalog course description, or the Teacher Certification Catalog.