Teaching & Learning

Academic Advising Center

  1. Students will be satisfied with their advisement session.   
  2. Students will select a major that is congruent with their interests, abilities, and career goals.  
  3. Continuing students will create accurate class schedules for the up-coming semester by following a degree check sheet.  
  4. First-time, full-time freshmen who receive an Early Alert will persist from their first fall semester to their first spring semester.

Student Support Services

  1. Students receiving tutoring from the SSS Math and/or SSS Writing tutorial labs will be satisfied with their tutoring experience.
  2. Students who receive tutoring in the SSS Math and/or Writing Lab will improve their course grade as a result of tutoring.
  3. Students will understand the basic knowledge of financial literacy.

The Testing Center

  1. Constituents in contact with the Testing Center will receive accurate and complete information regarding available tests, rationale for test selection, and/or testing procedures.  
  2. Students taking computerized placement tests will understand the implications of their test scores.   
  3. Constituents will be served in an efficient and courteous manner.   

Tutoring Centers

  1. Students will visit the Cameron University tutoring centers, specifically the Mathematics Lab, Center for Writers, and Center for Academic Success.
  2. Students will indicate their level of satisfaction with various aspects of their experience in a Cameron tutoring center.
  3. Student tutors will explain content to students using understandable language and other pedagogical techniques.
  4. Students will use content and skills learned in the tutoring centers to complete work assigned in their courses.

CU student in a classroom