2015 Tours



March 12-21, 2015

CU Abroad BerlinIn October 1990 Germany reunified: a thrilling turn of events few could have predicted. Many observers now wonder how the new Germany will evolve in the 21st century and what the effect will be upon Europe. No other city than Berlin has mirrored Germany’s historical and political developments and this city along the Spree River is once again at the center of postwar Germany. This interdisciplinary course (UNIV 4213) and its embedded study abroad tour of Berlin will introduce you to many of the significant political, economic, social, and cultural legacies and developments in Berlin since World War II as it redefines its position within and beyond Germany.


  • Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and much more
  • Leipzig, Potsdam, and Sanssouci Palace
  • Museums and many other cultural attractions

CU Abroad Berlin Postwar Germany