Access your AggieAccess account to check the following information:

•       Grades, enrollment schedule and transcript
•       Your current charges and payments
•       Ability to modify your personal information
•       Check your student email
•       View campus events, class schedules and announcements

How Do I Access My Computer Account?

Your initial login credentials (username and password) are the same for all accounts.  Your username/login will stay the same throughout your time at CU.  It only changes if you submit an official name change that changes your initials.

Your initial password is the same for all of your accounts.  However, you must change your domain account password every 120 days.  This will affect AggieAccess, Student E-mail, On Campus Computer access, Off Campus Library Database access, Wi-Fi and ADA login.  Please note that your Blackboard account is NOT included in this requirement.  CU uses a Single Sign On (SSO) mechanism for all accounts other than Blackboard.  Therefore, changing your domain password is as simple as logging into AggiePass at

Username Construction

As an active Cameron University student, you have received an “Active Directory Account” (Student Domain Account), which gives you access to the various computer labs on campus, remote access to the library databases, your student email, the CU wireless network, and AggieAccess (student portal for access to your records, enrollment schedule, financial aid information, transcripts, etc.).

The Username for ALL of your accounts is comprised of the first initial of your first name, first initial of last name, and last six digits of student ID Number.


Name:                John S. Compute

Student ID#:       000123456

Username:        jc123456

To create your initial password go to and click on “Reset Password.” 

You will be asked to verify your identity via the three security questions that you provided on the admissions application form, or with the code that will be sent to the cell phone number you provided on the admissions application form.

Important:  The password you create for this account expires every 120 days. You will receive a notification in your student email account 12 days prior to your password expiration date to give you ample time to change it.

Once you create your initial password, you are able to access AggieAccess, student email, CU computer labs, etc.

What is my Email Address?

Typically, your e-mail address is going to be  However, sometimes students have the same name and that e-mail address is already taken.  Subsequent e-mail address have digits added to them in order to have different e-mail addresses.  There are two places that you can see if your address has a digit at the end.


Blackboard is an integrated set of web-based tools for course management and delivery. Its primary purpose is to deliver online and hybrid courses as well as enhancements to some traditional lecture (face-to-face) courses.

Access Blackboard here:

For frequently asked questions:

Computer Labs

The university provides a number of computer labs to ensure students have ample access to technology.

For a complete listing of labs, resources and software available, visit

Computer Use Policy

Access to modern information technology is essential to the pursuit and achievement of excellence across the Cameron University (CU) mission of instruction, research and academic advancement. The privilege of using computing systems and software, as well as internal and external data networks, is important to all members of the CU community. The preservation of that privilege for the full community requires that each individual student, faculty member, staff member, and administrator comply with institutional and external standards for appropriate use.

To view the Computer Use Policy, visit

iCameron Mobile App

Download your free on-the-go Cameron connection, now available for Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  Visit for more information.

Music Download - Peer to Peer Policy

Peer to Peer (P2P) is given the lowest priority and is also heavily limited.  This means there will be extremely slow downloads and problems connecting with other peers; however, the P2P traffic is not “Educational” by its very nature and is considered to be almost entirely illegal.  P2P is an incredible consumer of bandwidth, and no matter how much bandwidth is available, it would never be enough.  In the past, P2P traffic (Bit Torrent, Morpheus, Kaaza, Napster, Gnutella, AudioGalaxy, etc.) consumed such quantities of bandwidth that the legitimate educational uses of not only the residential network, but also the total Cameron University network suffered.

Regarding the legality of P2P traffic, if Cameron University receives any violations from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), MPA (Motion Picture Association), or any other industries, those violations will be investigated, and all documentation will be turned over to Student Housing / Student Affairs.  

Student Email Accounts

Cameron University students have access to a university provided e-mail account.  The account will be removed from the system one year after graduation or withdrawal from Cameron University.


Student e-mail is web-based and can be accessed through AggieAccess.


To maintain the privilege of using computing systems and software, as well as internal and external data networks, students must abide by the Computer Use Policy, which provides guidelines and standards for appropriate use.


Contact the Academic IT Center at 580.581.2338 for more information.

Student Handbook