Expressive Activity

Advertising Policy

This policy applies to all advertising and promotion in whatever format. Examples are books, brochures, posters, programs, directories, newspapers, signs, radio, and television, video, audio tape, and electronic computer generated programming. This policy also applies to all events and activities organized by or sponsors by University departments or registered student organizations. 


  1. Only University recognized organizations are allowed to advertise on campus, except when approval is received from the Director of Student Development.
  2. Advertising which encourages students at the University to purchase reports and/or research material done by others is not acceptable.
  3. Advertising which requires the reader to send money to obtain further information on the product is not acceptable.
  4. Advertising deemed offensive or in poor taste is not acceptable. This may include, but is not limited to, advertisements derogatory to individuals or groups.
  5. Products which encourage violations of city, state, or federal laws and regulations are not acceptable.
  6. Two local references for ads of a “questionable” nature will be required. This includes, but is not limited to, masseurs and masseuses, dating services, escort services, models, pregnancy referral, adoption services and “get rich quick” promotions, as interpreted by the Director of Student Development. Ads must include a street address and phone number.
  7. Posters, flyers and handbills and other marketing items must comply with both the posting policy set forth above and the guidelines concerning the distribution of literature as stated in this publication.
  8. Using chalk to write on concrete sidewalks is allowed. All chalking must be approved by the Director of Student Development prior to its use. The name and phone number of the responsible party should be submitted with the message. Chalking can be done 72 hours prior to an event and should be removed within 72 hours after the function.
  9. All other advertising mediums besides those listed above must receive the approval of the Director of Student Development before implementation.
  10. The University reserves the right to remove any advertising that does not follow University policy.


  1. The University permits assemblies of University groups in the open area South of the Student Union and in the area east of the Fitness Center with prior approval (registration).
  2. Any groups desiring to obtain assembly space in any University facility or in open areas, including those referred to in paragraph 1, must submit a written request, with a completed Cameron University “Request for Activity or Use of University Facility Form” to the Coordinator of Special Events, who is responsible for coordinating events and calendaring activities. Normally such a request must be received at least two weeks in advance; even emergency requests cannot be acted upon if received less than 72 hours before the proposed starting time of the event. The individual or group requiring space must get signed approval by the appropriate facility supervisors as noted on the Activity/Use of University Facility Form. Additional information is given below
    1. Groups affiliated with the University shall have priority in reserving space.
    2. Nonaffiliated groups and organizations shall be required to pay the current space rental rate for the time and location approved. The Coordinator of Special Events  will maintain a list of all charges and rental rates. In addition, a refundable deposit for damage to property shall be required.
  3. Any group whose request for University space is denied shall have the right to appeal that denial to the Vice President for Student Services, provided that the appeal is received at least 72 hours before the proposed event. The Vice President for Student Services shall render a decision at least 24 hours before the proposed event.

Distribution of Pamphlets and Written Materials

  1. Any organization or group affiliated with the University may distribute in any open exterior campus space pamphlets, booklets, brochures and other forms of written material on the condition that such pamphlets and materials do not contain commercial solicitations or advertisements and are designed for informational (not commercial) purposes. Acceptance of donations for such material is prohibited. Any individual, group or organization must receive prior approval from the Director of Student Development.
  2. If, in the opinion of the Director of Student Development, the pamphlets or materials being distributed are primarily intended for commercial purposes, the representative(s) of the organization or the individual distributing such pamphlets or materials will be subject to removal from campus by the University police. The organization or the individual may then petition the VP for Student Services to allow continued distribution upon a showing of the noncommercial nature of the publication.
  3. Advance approval of materials is required for noncommercial distribution and a copy of the material must be approved by the Director of Student Development prior to the time distribution begins.
  4. In so expressing a policy of open distribution of written materials intended for noncommercial purposes, the University does not assume any obligations or responsibility for the content of the materials distributed; furthermore, the University reminds any organization or individual so distributing materials to be aware of current laws regarding libel, defamation, obscenity, fair labor relations and other applicable laws.
  5. Please refer to the Equal Opportunity policy which can be found online at  

Facility Reservations

To reserve a facility on campus, you must complete a Facility Request online. Requests must be received TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the event to allow time for approval.  Fees for facility use vary by building and rooms. On-campus University sponsored organizations may generally use facility free of charge.  While facility usage is free to university sponsored organizations, you may be required to pay fees for Public Safety at your event.  Abuse of any facility or policy may result in temporary suspension of usage of university facilities.

For more information about reserving facilities, please call 581-2291 or visit

Off Campus Speakers

Cameron University recognizes the importance of free expression and the exchange of differing opinions and views. The free discussion and presentation of information is available and encouraged. Such inquiry must be conducted in a way which furthers the educational purpose of the institution. University facilities are not available for exploitation by special interests that may present a clear and present danger to the United States of America, the state of Oklahoma, or Cameron University. The sponsoring group will be held responsible for any activity or activities resulting from the event.


Only organizations recognized by the University may sponsor off-campus speakers. The group must receive the consent of the advisor before extending an invitation to an outside speaker and before the event is publicized. The speaker’s name and topic must appear on the facility request form.


The presentation of a speaker does not imply approval or disapproval of the speaker or the speaker’s views by the student organization, Cameron University or the Board of Regents. It must be made clear by the sponsoring organization that the views expressed are not necessarily those of Cameron University or its Board of Regents. It must also be made clear that it is the sponsoring organization who is extending the invitation.


In the case of highly controversial speakers, announcements are to be made at least thirty days prior to appearance so that faculty might have the opportunity to discuss issues with the students. Also, no such speaker shall be presented who will not consent to questioning (not heckling) by students and faculty following their presentation.


Every precaution should be taken to maintain the highest level of excellence and good taste in such matters commensurate with the dignity of an institution of higher education.

Off Campus Speakers-Political

Use of the university name, letterhead, or logo for partisan electoral purposes, like the solicitation of funds or other contributions in support of a political candidate or party or the endorsement of candidates for public office, is prohibited.


Use of campus facilities for campaign fundraising or party fundraising activities is prohibited.


Off campus organizations may not use campus facilities to engage in partisan campaign activities unless sponsored by a university recognized organization.


Activities and events by university recognized organizations or by faculty/staff/academic departments aimed at educating students with respect to the political process are encouraged. However, every effort should be taken to ensure that appearances on campus of candidates running for public office or their representatives have a substantive educational purpose and that such visits are not done solely as campaign events. Recognized student organizations, such as College Republicans or College Democrats, may use facilities for meetings, speeches, and events involving candidates for public office and political parties provided that a Facilities Reservation form has been properly completed and approved by appropriate departments.


If faculty/staff/academic departments or the university invites a candidate to speak, every effort should be made to provide opposing candidates the same opportunity.


Organized voter registration activities, voter education programs, or voter drives are permitted, provided no attempt is made to advance or oppose individual candidates or political party or to promote or oppose a position on a public referendum or issue up for vote.

Posting Policy

The first priority for postings on the university campus shall be for university and recognized student organizations events and activities.

Organizations posting materials are responsible for the prompt removal, on the day following the event, of all outdated materials advertising their event.

Off-campus, commercial groups, and other advertising postings are limited to designated locations on campus.

Advertisements posted on campus for events or sales of goods or services off campus by a non-campus organization, individual, or business enterprise will be done on a limited basis at the discretion of the Director of Student Development.

  1. In order to obtain campus authorization for posting or displays, a representative of the sponsoring group or unit must bring all material to be posted to the Student Development Office for an authorization stamp. Upon approval of the event and the item to be posted, the group’s representative will be given a current listing of approved posting areas on campus upon request.
    1. Flyers should not exceed 14” x 22” in size. Signs exceeding this limitation must receive special permission from the Office of Student Development (or by Student Activities or Student Housing, if sponsored by those departments).
    2. The name of the sponsoring group or unit must appear on each flyer, sign and display. The organizations name spelled out is preferred, but Greek letters, acronyms, and logos will be accepted if these clearly identify the sponsor. In case of symbols or initials which are not clear, the group will spell out the entire name of the group.
    3. No poster or display in a language other than English will be approved.
    4. Publicity displaying any type of alcoholic beverage or encouraging the use of alcohol is prohibited.
    5. Signs are not to be posted on trees or shrubs, trash cans, glass, painted surfaces, wooden surfaces, etc. Any signs posted in unapproved areas will be removed. Only one poster per event is permitted on each bulletin board or authorized wall/tile area.
    6. Signs without a registered stamp or those remaining up beyond the expiration date will be removed. Posting in unauthorized places may result in the individual or group being fined and/or prohibited from distributing posters for a definite period.
    7. The chalking or painting of sidewalks, buildings, etc. is not permitted, except when prior special permission has been obtained from the Student Development Office. (See the Advertising Policy, #8).
    8. Lawn signs for campus elections will be stamped and registered in the same manner as those to be posted and must conform to the SGA Election Board posting rules. The Director of Student Activities may approve lawn signs for special events of an all-campus interest for display on the day(s) of the event.
    9. On-campus organizations may have flyers posted in Student Housing by bringing 18 approved flyers to the Student Housing Office. Resident Assistants will post the flyers.
    10. Do not use plastic or duct tape.
    11. Signs advertising events on campus must include the following:
      Accommodations on the basis of a disability are available by contacting the Office of Student Development at (580) 581-2209 or by email at
  2. Posters and printed material may be placed only in the areas designated for each individual building. All materials found outside these areas will be removed and destroyed, and responsible parties will be subject to fines or an alternate form of punitive action.
  3. Promotional materials may not be placed on car windshields.
  4. A campus activity must be approved prior to promoting the function.  On-campus locations must have prior approval from the Conferencing Services Department.  They are located in South Shepler, Room #100 and their phone number is 581-2291.
  5. Materials posted on university grounds must receive prior approval by the Director of Student Development.

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