Peer Mentoring Program

 The SSS mentoring program is staffed with students, referred to as mentors. Through their own experiences mentors can better share about important campus resources that are available to new students.

Mentors understand the importance of helping new students adjust to college life. Many of the mentors are also members of SSS and have overcome difficulties in their lives, which have enabled them to better understand the student's issues.

The student/mentor relationship may be maintained by telephone, mail, e-mail and/or personal visits. Your academic advisor will discuss the benefits of having a mentor.

Many successful SSS students have benefited greatly from the mentoring program. Participation in the mentoring program is not mandatory, but having a mentor is strongly encouraged.

If you are interested in participating in the SSS Mentoring Program, please come by the Student Support Services office at 431 North Shepler for further information - or call us on (580) 581-2352