LEO Awards Reception 2006

Left to Right: Brian Narcomey and Tiffany Sanders (SSS Science Lab Director).

Left to Right: Shannon Baynoes, Rodney Johnson, Daries Knox and Debbie Crossland

Doreen Thomas (SSS Assistant Director) and Kay Love (Academic Counselor/Mentor Coordinator)

The Leaders in Education and Opportunity (LEO) Awards were established in 2000 by Cameron University Student Support Services (SSS) for an opportunity for members of the SSS Program to honor those Cameron individuals - students, faculty, and staff - who have given the most of themselves in support of the program participants.

The following faculty, staff ,students, were honored at the Spring 2006 presentation:

Outstanding CU Support Staff: Debbie Crossland
Student Support Services Alumnus: Jaquetta Bowden
Student Tributes to SSS: Claudette Brodie, Melody Brown, and Mary Gossett
Outstanding Student Award from SSS Technology Lab: Merkeb Ellis
Outstanding Student Award from SSS Math Lab: Victor Serrano
Outstanding Student Award from SSS Reading Lab: Rodney Johnson
Outstanding Student Award from SSS Writing Lab: Paula Merrifield
Outstanding Mentor Awards: Michael Robinson, Johnnisha Rice, Dorothy Jefferson, and Saundra Mitrovich
Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Sherry Reynolds