"The greatest happiness of the greatest member of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation."
-Jeremy Bentham

**Legislation Form - Writing Example**

Date to Floor

Resolution Number




10-13-14 3114002 Regulation for the landscaping hours in areas surrounding on campus housing. Kirk Memo Sent
2-16-15 3114007 Bill calling for pavement of the west Science Complex's Gravel Parking Lot Rowe, Webber, Isenberg Memo Sent
3-2-15 3114008 Bill calling for the prohibition of concealed carry weapons (CCW) on college and university campuses Kirk, Meek Memo Sent
4-6-15 3114009 A bill calling for the establishment of a pre-professional committee for advising students interested in professional field careers. Flaig, Boudiette Memo Sent

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