SFSCC Lab Policy

The SFSCC is an open lab which serves CU students, faculty, and staff on a first come first serve basis.

  • A current student, faculty, or staff ID is required to use the computer lab. The Lab assistant will retain your ID card while you use the lab. You may pick it up when you sign out. Any ID cards that are not picked up are taken to the Office of Public Safety in South Shepler Rm.100A at the end of the semester.
  • Do not use another persons account. This is a direct violation of the Cameron Computer Use Policy.
  • The SFSCC Supervisor and all SFSCC Assistants have the authority to expel anyone not following lab policies or causing a disturbance. Security will be called if necessary.
  • For the safety of your child and the equipment, as well as, courtesy to other users NO children are allowed.
  • Staff is NOT responsible for any data loss regardless of cause.
  • There is a Two Hour time limit on computer use if others are waiting.
  • Staff is NOT permitted to do your homework or debug your programs. Please do not ask them to.
  • Do NOT modify the configuration of the computers in any way.
  • Do NOT save files on the hard drive. Computers are reset once shut down. Bring your own data storage.
  • Do not print multiple copies of the same document. Extra copies can be made at the public copy machine located in the library.
  • Do not print personal documents, this includes any non-class related e-mail and resumes.

The use of CHAT lines and web sites that do not fit into the academic environment is prohibited. Instructor's name, course number, and assignment will be required and confirmed for access to any questionable sites.