ISC Restrictive Exceptions

    • Contestants who enter events must have completed or must currently be enrolled in the course. (Please note: Students who have done advanced course work in the same subject are not eligible).

    • Advanced English is open to eleventh and twelfth grade students.

    • English II entrants must be currently enrolled in tenth grade English.

    • Foreign Languages: French, German, & Spanish I, II, Advanced (Year III & IV) students must be currently enrolled. Native French, German, and Spanish students must have French, German, or Spanish as their home language and be currently enrolled in the native language class for which they are testing.

    • Students may NOT repeat a test which they have taken in previous years.  (Exceptions:  Art, American History, Human Ecology, United States Government, World History and Sociology).  If it is determined by Cameron University that a student took a test in previous years, they will be disqualified from this year's contest.