1. Points are earned from Welcome Week thru Graduation each year.
  2. Points roll over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester.
  3. Points expire after Graduation.
  4. Points can only be redeemed during from the Office of Student Activities for levels up to 150 points.  For the upper levels, the points can be redeemed during posted time periods.
  5. You can only redeem points for a level once, and you can only claim that prize once you have meet the minimum point level posted.
  6. Student cannot combine points with any other student.
  7. If a student receives points fraudulently, he/she will be removed from the  program.  Disciplinary action may be taken through the Office of Student Development.
  8. Students may not receive points for attending an event which they are paid to work.
  9. Any discrepancies in points must be reported to the Director of Campus Life within two weeks of the event in question.
  10. Prizes are available while supplies last. Point levels and prizes are subject to change.  All changes will be widely publicized.
  11. It is up to the discretion of the Administrator in charge of the event when the event will be checked-in.
  12. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they find the check-in location at events.
  13. If an event is not checked-in, it is not eligible for points.  Students are responsible for checking the website for eligible upcoming events.

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