Who can participate in the Pickaxe Pass?
Any currently enrolled Cameron University Student.  Students must be enrolled in at least one Cameron University class, in any format offered.

How to get started?
Students can pick up a Pickaxe Pass registration from any of the following locations around campus: Student Activities Office, Student Development Office, Vice-President for Student Services Office, Fitness Center, and online or by attending a registered event.  Once students are registered, all they have to do is start attending registered Pickaxe Pass events and having the sponsor of the event check them in with their Cameron ID card to verify that a student fully attended the event.  The Pickaxe Pass website will list all of the registered events and programs.

How much are events worth?
Each event earns a student a set number of points.  All events will have equal point values.  Please visit the Pickaxe Pass website for a complete list of point values.

I have attended events, now what?
Once students have started collecting points, they can redeem prizes once they reach set Pickaxe Pass Levels!

Do point’s rollover from one semester to another?
Points will roll from fall to spring, but each academic year starts with fresh points and new prizes.

Pickaxe Pass