Distinguished Faculty Award Past Recipients

1975  Dr. George E. Stanley, Language Arts
1976 Josephine Rayburn, Language Arts
1977 Betty L. Roundtree, Associate Dean of Student Services
1978 Dr. Elizabeth A. Nalley, Physical Science
1979 Dr. Theodore E. Snider, Physical Science
1980 Dr. Charles W. Smith, Social Sciences
1981 Dr. William H. Harwood, Physical Science
1982 Dr. Ralph E. Blodgett, Social Science
1983 Dr. David H. Miller, Social Science
1984 Dr. Lynn R. Musselwhite, History
1985 Dr. Valree Wynn, English
1986 Dr. Don C. Davis, President
1987 Dr. Loren McKeown, English
1988 Myron J. Longmore, Director of Research
1989 Tony Allison, Communications
1990 Vivian Thomlinson, English
1991 Marilyn Beaney, Languages and Communication
1992 Dr. Joe Crane, Physical Science
1993 Dr. Mary Allen, English
1994 Dr. Don Phillips, Technology
1995 Dr. Karen McKellips, Education
1996 Dr. Thomas Atwater, Philosophy
1997 Jack Bryan, Art
1998 Dr. Salley Soelle, History and Humanities
1999 Dr. Barbara Kerr Scott, Art
2000 Dr. Terral McKellips, Provost
2002 Edna Williams, Art
2003 Dr. James Heflin, Communications
2004  Dr. Keith Vitense, Physical Science
2005 Kathleen "Tink" Glenn, IRSS
2006 Dr. Von Underwood, School of Liberal Arts
2007 Daniel Ford, Criminal Justice
2008 Dr. Teresa Lubrano, English and Foreign Languages
2009 Dr. Rebecca Pazoureck, Psychology
2010 Dr. Kurtis Koll, Physical Science
2013 Dr. Garry Buckley, Physical Science
2014 Dr. Hyunsoon Whang, Music
2015 Dr. Mary Dzindolet, Psychology
2016 Dr. Ronna Vanderslice, VP for Academic Affairs
2017 Katherine Liontas-Warren, Art
2018 Dr. Danny McGuire, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering