Student Worker Federal Funded Positions Available


Job Title Location Description Compensation Date
Student Office Assistant – Office of the Registrar Registrar's Office, North Shepler The Office of the Registrar is looking for an individual who is willing to work 20 hours per week as an Office Assistant. 2/9/2018
Scene Shop Assistant - Art, Music and Theatre Arts Department Communication, Room 102 The Department of Theatre Arts is looking for student workers to join our team in the scene construction shop. 1/23/2018
Student Office Receptionist – Duncan Campus Cameron University - Duncan Campus The Duncan Campus is currently looking for a positive, punctual and reliable individual to serve as Student Office Receptionist up to 20 hours per week. 1/5/2018
Student Assistant - Language Learning Center EFL - Language Learning Center LLC is looking for a dependable, courteous, professional, and team-oriented student. 8/21/2017