Student Organization Star Rating Program

Is your organization a stellar one? Prove it by participating in the CU Star Rating Program. Earn some bragging rights and a spot on the pedestal of Cameron's top organizations.

500+pts = 5 Star
400-499pts = 4 Star
250-399pts = 3 Star
100-249pts= 2 Star

Points must be earned in each of the 5 categories in order to earn a 5-Star status.

Star Rating Breakdown

Organization Planning and Leadership

  • Submit re-registration paperwork by specified date (20pts)
  • Attend Student Organization Orientation (40pts)
  • Organization Roundtable Sessions (10pts per session)
  • Maintain an updated Facebook/Twitter/Website (10pts each time it is checked; checked twice (2) per year)
  • SGA Meeting Attendance (5pts per meeting)
  • Attend a Conference sponsored by your Organization (10pts per attendee)
  • Present at a Conference sponsored by your Organization (20pts per presentation)
  • Serve on a Committee at the National (15pts), State/Regional (10pts), or Local (5pts) level
  • Organization hosts a workshop for its members (10pts)

Campus Programming

  • Plan Campus Wide Event (20pts per event)
  • Participate in Homecoming (10 points per event)
    • 20 additional points for 1st place in contest
    • 15 additional points for 2nd place in contest
    • 10 additional points for 3rd place in contest
  • Participate in the Halloween Carnival (30 pts)
  • Play Intramurals (15pts per one-day, 30 points per season)
  • Co-sponsor an event with another organization on campus (20pts per club)
  • Sponsor a CU at the Game (20pts)

Community Service/Philanthropy

  • Volunteer hours (1pt for every 1 hour)
  • Charitable donation (5pts for every $15 raised)
  • Projects coordinated by the organization (20pts per project)
  • Organization serves as a team in the Big Pink Volleyball Event (30 pts)
  • Organization serves as a team for Cameron in the Parks (30 pts)
  • Organization serves as a team in the MLK Day of Service (30pts)

Campus Involvement

  • Sponsor a Bookcase in the Library (15 points per semester)
  • Attend Organization Roundtable Discussions events (10pts per event)
  • Table at Organizations Fair (20pts per event)

Community Involvement

  • A member has a paper published (30pts per paper)
  • A member participates in a community art show (30pts per show)
  • Give an informational presentation for a community agency or event (30pts per presentation)
  • Participate in a Community-wide event (30pts per event)

 Italicized items pertain to individual members.

Non-italicized items are for the organization.


2014-2015 Five-Star Organizations

These organizations are recognized as the best of the best at Cameron University.

5 Star Organizations