Successful Online College Student

Online e-learning is not for everyone. Cameron University wants to enhance the opportunity for Online students to complete their educational goals. It is important for you to understand the characteristics of students who succeed in Online courses. Research of Online programs around the nation has helped in defining these characteristics of a successful Online college student:

  • Be Self-disciplined.
    You are able to make yourself sit down and study without someone else directing you. You are able to schedule your time and stick to the schedule. Complete assignments on time. You are able to start work and complete tasks without being given continuous instruction and support.

  • Read carefully and follow written instructions.
    Online classes require the students to read and understand the instructions and the learning material. Study of course content require good reading skills. It will be necessary for you to read and follow the instructions for the technology used to support your course.

  • Be able to use technology properly.
    You must have the minimum computer equipment specified. You must have access to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You will use email and should be able to easily send and receive attachments. It will be necessary for you to create, save, and manage files on your computer. This should include any software applications which may be required as part of an online course. Your system must include word processing software. It is necessary to be experienced using the Internet and move about it with ease. You should be able to complete downloads and view multimedia files.

  • Participate in the online environment.
    Because all of your course work is online, you will use time normally spent in the classroom and laboratory working online. Additionally, it is expected that homework, reading, chat room, and email will be done as part of the course every week. This provides the opportunity for you to interact with fellow class members and the instructor. Most students find the time spent communicating with classmates positive and helpful.

  • Know where to go for help and ask for help.
    Cameron provides a helpdesk for assistance on the Blackboard software and computer system configuration. Your instructor will answer class questions and his/her contact information is given on the course syllabus.

  • Abide by Cameron University's policies and standards.
    Each student is responsible for knowing Cameron University's policies and complying with them.