Cameron Online Proctoring Form

Campus Location for Proctored Exam (Students residing within 30 miles of Lawton/Duncan must complete this form)

Please indicate the information below as to where you will be taking your proctored exams. You MUST complete this section for each online course for which you are enrolled.  All fields are required.



NOTE REGARDING FEES: Students taking on campus:Cameron University students taking Cameron University exams on the Lawton or Duncan campus (i.e. North Shepler Testing Center, SARKEYS lab or CU Duncan lab) will not incur proctoring fees. Students taking with ProctorU:All students, including students residing within 30 miles of Lawton/Duncan, MAY choose to use ProctorU as a proctoring service. All fees charged by ProctorU are the student's responsibility. Students using ProctorU must go to the link below and register with ProctorU. Once you have registered through the Sign Up Tab, please go to the Getting Started Tab and complete the steps listed.

ProctorU allows students several testing fee options. The Flex Scheduling option allows students to make their appointment at least 72 hours in advance of their desired start time. Take it Soon gives the student an option to schedule their test within 72 hours of the chosen start time and Take it Now allows students to take their test on demand with no appointment needed.

The fee chart is shown at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Restivo at or 580.581.5498.




ProctorU Fees

 Flex SchedulingTake it SoonTake it Now
30 minutes or less
60 minutes or less
120 minutes or less
180 minutes or less
240 minutes or less