What are my username and password for my Cameron Student Accounts?

Your login credentials for your Blackboard account and your DOMAIN account –  All accounts other than Blackboard. (i.e. your Student Email account, AggieAccess, Cameron computer lab logins, Library and Wi-Fi etc…) are as follows.

Your username (login name) will consist of first initial of first name, first initial of last name and last six digits of student ID Number.

Passwords will be constructed using the lower case first letter of first name, lower case first letter of last name the last 5 digits of the social security number and upper case middle initial. If you do not have a middle initial please add the capital letter G.

For example:
John S. Compute, Student ID # 000123456, SSN # 123-45-6789

Username / Login: jc123456
Password: jc56789S

The password and user name is case sensitive.

Can you register for the classes online?
If you are a new student to Cameron, you must first apply for admission at this site:

You can find additional admission information at:

For current Cameron students, we have two options for enrollment in the online classes:
Through regular enrollment procedures, in person on the Cameron campus with your faculty advisor.
Through our telephone enrollment system. Please call 580-581-2235. Be prepared to provide the section number for courses, and answer yes or no for a parking permit.

What is the cost for the course?
Undergraduate -  Tuition Info
There is an additional charge for the $40.00 per credit hour for online courses.

Online MBA - Tuition Info
The student is responsible for paying for texts, other required computer software, and any examination expenses including proctor services.

What does it take to succeed as a student Online?
We have compiled a list of characteristics that help you know what it takes to succeed online.
Read the Characteristics of a successful online student.

Is each online course self-paced or is there a time line that must be followed?
Online classes at Cameron University are offered on the same schedule with our on-campus classes. Hence, there are specific start and stop dates. You can find the course listing and calendar for online classes at: http://www.cameron.edu/info/schedules

How do you find out how the different classes are instructed or what are the class requirements?
Currently, you can contact an instructor by email to learn what their course requirements are.

What is the grading practice for these courses?
The grading practice for these courses is determined by each instructor.

What is the procedure for taking exams?
In most online courses, you will be expected to take proctored examinations. If you are too far away from campus to take it onsite, it is your responsibility to arrange proctoring at a local university, library or other suitable site. It is your responsibility to relay the contact information of the proctor to the instructor of the online course. If there are any fees for proctoring examinations, you will be responsible for the fees.