Dawn Bona is a thirty-something senior at Cameron University who lives in Lawton with her husband, twin sons, cat, and dog.  She dreams of coming up with something brilliant and original so that some day people will pay her to travel the world and give one hour lectures.

Megan Brodish
is majoring in English with a concentration on creative writing.She leads a life of danger and intrigue, lurking in shadows, brooding, and fighting ne'er-do-wells with her bare hands... when she isn't writing research papers for class.

Chinnie Burford
is a senior in Professional Writing at Cameron University, currently at work on her memoir.

Julie Hensley, MFA,
is Assistant Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Cameron University. She recently won the
Everett Southwest Literary Award for her short story "Landfall."

John G. Morris is Professor of English at Cameron University and teaches courses in American literature. The author of a chapbook of poetry entitled Learning to Love the Music (Rose Rock Press, 1999), has published poems in Westview, the Wisconsin Review, the Oklahoma English Journal, Upriver, and Cooweescoowee. His recent poem, "As I Stand Over the Body of Stricken Man at the Beginning of Autumn With a Forties Tune in My Head, I Think of a Dead Poet from Ohio," won the long, unrhymed poetry contest sponsored by the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. In addition, his poems have appeared in Hidden Oak and the Chariton Review, and Poetry Motel.

John Hodgson is Associate Professor of English at Cameron University where he teaches courses in British Literature and Creative Writing.

Call for Submissions:

The Oklahoma Review is an electronic literary magazine published through the Department of English at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. The editorial board consists of English and Professional Writing undergraduates, as well as faculty advisors from the Departments of English and Foreign Languages & Journalism.

The goal of our publication is to provide a forum for exceptional fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction in a dynamic, appealing, and accessible environment. The magazine's only agenda is to promote the pleasures and edification derived from high-quality literature.

The Oklahoma Review is a continuous publication, now in its ninth year. We publish two issues online each year, Spring and Fall. Although we accept submissions at any time, our general deadlines are as follows:

  • To have your work considered for the Spring issue: February 1
  • To have your work considered for the Fall issue: September 15


All works must be submitted electronically to The Oklahoma Review. Submissions are welcome from any serious writer working in English. We will neither consider nor return submissions sent in hard copy, even if return postage is included.

Writers may submit the following:

  • As many as three (3) prose pieces of 30 pages or less.
  • As many as five (5) poems or translations of any length.
  • As many as three (3) nonfiction prose pieces of 30 pages or less.
  • Files should be sent as e-mail attachments in either .doc or .rtf format. If an attachment is impossible, writers may submit their work in the body of their e-mail messages, noting specific format criteria when necessary.
  • When sending multiple submissions (e.g. five poems), please include all the work in a single file rather than five separate files.
  • Authors should also provide a cover paragraph with a short biography in the body of their e-mail.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please indicate in your cover letter if your work is under consideration elsewhere.

Questions or comments? E-mail The Oklahoma Review.

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