Melanie Brazzel

buoyant fragments
Begin trying

William Doreski
A Novelist's Eye

Kristine Ong Muslim
Geek Girl

Benjamin Nardolilli
Contra Cosmos

Caleb Puckett
Meeting by Morning
Call for Exodus

Ross White
A Roman

Ryan Quinn Flanagan

26 Years

For the past 26 years
I’ve rolled out of bed
and put my right sock on
before my left.

This morning I put my left on first
by mistake
and was paralysed with fear.

Naked in the absence
of the certainty of

26 wool lined years.

Musings of a Man Impelled to Moments of Mad Wakefulness

All the lights in the neighbourhood
are extinguished
except the torch in the back of my brain
that stays alight
night after night
like a Guernica curse
after three bottles of wine.
I haven’t the faintest idea why
the gods have chosen to throw a
party in my head but
the works keep coming.
I feel as though I could revel all night
and I do.
Like the last flame at sea
before the ship goes down
I remain defiant
in the night.

All the lights in the neighbourhood
are extinguished but I

I live on.

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