Barbara Adams is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing. Her essay “My Comfortable Place” won the 2005 Leigh Holmes Award for Creative Nonfiction.

Pamela Blalock is a sophomore at Cameron University pursuing an English degree with a minor in creative writing. She works part time at a video store and has an extensive knowledge of useless information. She is unsure what she is going to do with her life, but hopes she can keep her piercings in and tattoos visible. 

Kristin Heath is a senior English major at Cameron University. 

Jason Shelley is a senior English major with a concentration in creative writing. Most of his free time is spent studying for the LSAT but he does enjoy outdoor sports and recreation, movies, video games, building computers, animals and spending time with friends and family--when he should be studying for the LSAT. 

Lisa Snider is a creative writing junior with a minor in journalism and is the copy editor for Cameron’s newspaper, The Collegian. Six years ago, while operating a day care business out of her home, Lisa remembered that as a child she’d wanted to be a writer. She completed a freelance writing correspondence course, which taught her that there was so much more to learn. At 37, she enrolled at Cameron University and embarked on an odyssey that, three years later, continues to open some amazing doors. At the end of her formal education, Lisa hopes to obtain freelance work in journalistic and creative writing, editing and page design, thus beginning another part of the odyssey. 

Glenda White is a junior majoring in Creative Writing at Cameron University.
John Hodgson is Assistant Professor of English at Cameron University, where he teaches courses in Creative Writing and British lit. His greatest professional achievement to date was to persuade eight otherwise sane people to enroll in and complete his Milton seminar.

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