Tim Bass teaches fiction and creative nonfiction in the Department of Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is the assistant coordinator of the departmentís MFA Program.

Mary M. Dixon is an MFA student in the creative writing program at the University of Notre Dame.

Valerie Frankel's many short stories appeared in the anthologies Legends of the Pendragon, In the Outposts of Beyond, The Kings of the Night, and three best of the year anthologies. Her work has also been published in The Drexel Online Journal, The Writers Publishing, Arabella Romances, Strange Horizons, Orchard Valley Review, Seele Literary Journal, The Poetís Haven, and forty other magazines. She reviews monthly books for New Pages, Rambles, and The Green Man Review. She is the youngest person ever to receive a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree from San Jose State University.

Ann Iverson is the author of Come Now to the Window. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of magazines including Margie: American Journal of Poetry; The Oklahoma Review, and Water-Stone. She teaches Humanities and Writing at Dunwoody College of Technology and currently lives in East Bethel, MN where she writes and pursues the art of broadside making.

Kevin Keating's fiction has been published in the prestigious literary journal Exquisite Corpse (Summer/Fall 2004). In April he was awarded 2nd Place in the Ohio Arts Council Contest for fiction, which was judged by Nancy Zafris, editor of the Kenyon Review. The story was subsequently published in Subtle Tea (May 2004). His work has appeared (or will soon appear) in a number of literary journals, including Inertia (Winter 2004), Pierian Springs (Fall 2004), Slow Trains (September 2004), Tryst (September 2004), Numb Magazine (September 2004), Skyline Magazine (September/October 2004), Tattoo Highway (August 2004), Raging Face (August 2004), Exquisite Corpse (Summer/Fall 2004), Kant Magazine (July 2004), Wild Child (July 2004), Cerebration (June 2004), Thunder Sandwich (June 2004), Subtle Tea (May 2004), The Circle (Summer 2003), Eyes (Summer & Fall 2001), Eschaton's Terminal Journal (Spring 1999), The Inflated Graveworm (Winter 1997), Whiskey Island (Spring 1997), and Bohemian Pupil (Fall 1996). He currently teaches English at Baldwin Wallace College in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jerry Mirskin’s recent collection Picture a Gate Hanging Open and Let that Gate be the Sun was published in 2002 after winning the Mammoth Books Press prize. He is currently an Associate Professor at Ithaca College.

Joanna Osborne will graduate from the MFA program this spring from the University of Maryland, where she was nominated twice for the Intro to Journals Project.

Ron Riekki is a Ph.D. student in English/Creative Writing at Western Michigan University. He holds MFAs in Theater/Playwriting from Brandeis University ('99) and in Creative Writing/Fiction from the University of Virginia ('02). His novel U.P. was nominated by National Book Award winner John Casey for the Sewanee Writers' Series and he has had ten productions of his plays in four different states.

Jay Stevens was born and raised in Massachusetts, received a B.A. from Tufts University. After school, he lived in Germany, Russia, Seattle, San Francisco, and Missoula, MT, working as an editor, teacher, technical writer, and software engineer.

Misty Urban studies creative writing and medieval literature in Ithaca, NY. She received the 2004 Writerís at Work Fiction Fellowship and has other stories appearing in The Madison Review, Asphodel, and Quarterly West.

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