John W. Hodgson

Prof. Hodgson is Assistant Professor of English at Cameron University, where he teaches courses in British Literature, Composition, and Nonfiction. He edits The Electronic Shakespeare and Oklahoma English Journal.

John G. Morris

Dr. Morris is Professor of English at Cameron University and teaches courses in American literature. The author of a chapbook of poetry entitled Learning to Love the Music (Rose Rock Press, 1999), has published poems in Westview, the Wisconsin Review, the Oklahoma English Journal, Upriver, and Cooweescoowee. In May 2000, his poem "As I Stand Over the Body of Stricken Man at the Beginning of Autumn With a Forties Tune in My Head, I Think of a Dead Poet from Ohio" won the long, unrhymed poetry contest sponsored by the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. In addition, his poems have appeared in Hidden Oak and the Chariton Review. Finally, he has a poem forthcoming from Poetry Motel.

Kenneth Solstad

Dr. Solstad is the Director of Creative Writing. He teaches popular fiction and humorous writing (essays, short stories, and cartoon captions). He has published short stories in Satire and more than 150 cartoon captions in The Wall Street Journal, Woman's World, Good Housekeeping, and elsewhere.

Mark Spencer

Professor Spencer is Professor and Chair of the English Department at Cameron University. The winner of three national book competitions, including the 1996 Faulkner Award for the novella and the 2000 Omaha Prize for the Novel, he is the author of four books and approximately 80 short stories, articles, and reviews.


Dominica Anderson is a junior English major with a concentration in creative writing.

Sharon Barton is a sophomore English major with an emphasis on creative writing.

Kenni Brown is currently a sophomore at Cameron University. She is majoring in English with an emphasis on literature. Her goal in obtaining her degree is to become a teacher and poet.

Danni Crotzer is twenty-one (21) years old and a junior at Cameron University. She is double majoring in English and Education with a minor in Creative/Professional Writing. At this point, she has no idea what she wants to do with her degree. The possibilities include teaching or being an editor, with the dream of someday publishing her first novel. Web-design is just something that she does on the side for fun.

Nick Livingston is a poetry editor for The Oklahoma Review and was sports editor at The Cameron Collegian.

Margaret Mason is a thirty-something poet and mother living in Lawton, Oklahoma, studying English, and trying to get her voice heard.

Lisa Snider is a creative writing junior with a minor in journalism and is the copy editor for Cameron’s newspaper, The Collegian. Six years ago, while operating a day care business out of her home, Lisa remembered that as a child she’d wanted to be a writer. She completed a freelance writing correspondence course, which taught her that there was so much more to learn. At 37, she enrolled at Cameron University and embarked on an odyssey that, three years later, continues to open some amazing doors. At the end of her formal education, Lisa hopes to obtain freelance work in journalistic and creative writing, editing and page design, thus beginning another part of the odyssey.

Waylon Stricklin is currently a sophomore at Cameron University. Majoring in English, Waylon hopes to graduate Cameron with a better understanding of his native tongue. After completing his undergraduate degree, Waylon would love to pursue his dream of establishing an art career. He feels that art is a useful tool for interpreting the abstractions of Life. In the Fall of 2003, Waylon joined the staff of The Oklahoma Review. He is very grateful for the opportunity to be working with such a wonderful group of people on such a wonderful project.

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