Senior Editors
Theresa L. McGrath | E-mail

Ms. McGrath is majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. She is the president of Sigma Tau Delta. Her poetry has been published in The Rose Review, Cameron Forum, and Odin's Eye.
Managing Editor
Scott Schumpert | E-mail

Mr. Schumpert is an English major and Music minor. His interests include designing web sites and no longer delving into post-modern literary theory.
Associate Editors
Rebecca Perrin

Ms. Perrin is a junior English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is a fiction writer and is currently working on her first novel. She is taking a writing internship at the American Red Cross.
Mel Smith

Mr. Smith is a senior Speech and Communications major, English minor. He is the Vice President of Phi Delta Theta. He is a member of Pi Kappa Delta and Lambda Pi Eta. His plans are to become a successful actor and filmmaker.
Zanetta Johnson

Ms. Johnson is pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta and winner of the 2000 Matthew Haag Scholarship. She has a degree in history from Rockhurst University and is currently working on her first novel.
Andrea Wexler

Ms. Wexler is an English-Psychology major. She was born and raised in Florida.
Leigh Holmes | E-mail

Professor Holmes teaches nonfiction prose, rhetoric and composition, and Film as Literature. He has published many essays and articles in journals including Philosophy and Rhetoric, The Computing Teacher, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and English Journal.
Kenneth Solstad | E-mail

Professor Solstad is the Director of Creative Writing. He teaches Popular Fiction and humorous writing (essays, short stories, and cartoon captions). He has published short stories in Satire and more than 150 cartoon captions in The Wall Street Journal, Woman's World, Good Housekeeping, and elsewhere.
Consulting Editors
Mark Spencer | E-mail

Mr. Spencer is Professor and Chair of the English Program at Cameron University. The winner of three national book competitions, including the 1996 Faulkner Award for the novella and the 2000 Omaha Prize for the Novel, he is the author of four books and approximately seventy-five short stories, articles, and reviews.
John Morris | E-mail

John G. Morris is Professor of English at Cameron University and teaches courses in American Literature. The author of a chapbook of poetry entitled Learning to Love the Music (Rose Rock Press, 1999), has published poems in Westview, the Wisconsin Review, the Oklahoma English Journal, Upriver, and Cooweescoowee. In May 2000, his poem "As I Stand Over the Body of Stricken Man at the Beginning of Autumn With a Forties Tune in My Head, I Think of a Dead Poet from Ohio" won the long, unrhymed poetry contest sponsored by the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. In addition, his poems have appeared this year in Hidden Oak and the Chariton Review. Finally, he has a poem forthcoming from Poetry Motel.
Michael Burns

Mr. Burns' work has appeared in such journals as Poetry, The Southern Review, Kenyon Review, Paris Review, Laurel Review, and Western Humanities Review. He won an NEA fellowship in poetry in 1995. His most recent collection is It Will Be All Right in the Morning from the University of Arkansas Press (1998). Mr. Burns has new poems forthcoming in SoLo, Southern Review, and Paris Review.
Jim Douglas

Mr. Douglas' fiction and poetry have appeared in many magazines and journals, such as The Chariton Review, Portland Review, and The Midwest Quarterly. He lives in Oklahoma.
Brandon Funk

Mr. Funk is a senior English/Creative Writing major at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. Born in Mountain Home, Arkansas in 1978, he was raised in the small Missouri town of Gainsville. He intends to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree.
Clarinda Harris

Ms. Harris chairs the English Department at Towson University, where she teaches poetry and prosody. Her books include Forms of Verse: British and American, The Bone Tree, The Night Parrot, and License Renewal for the Blind. She publishes in numerous periodicals, including Poetry, Bitterroot, Prairie Schooner, and university quarterlies. Her short fiction has won awards from Story, Verve, and others. Her current research focuses on writing by U.S. female prison writers. Ms. Harris has edited and directed BrickHouse Books, Inc., Maryland's oldest small press, for several decades.
Roger Jones

Mr. Jones presently teaches in the MFA program at Southwest Texas State University. He has one book of poems, Strata.
Patrick Kelly

Mr. Kelly's work has previously appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, CrossConnect, l.i.p., and The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Lindsay Knisely

Ms. Knisely is a graduate of Oberlin College and is currently in her second year of the MFA program in poetry at the University of Oregon. She is originally from Washington, D.C.
Brandy McKenzie

Ms. McKenzie is in the MFA program at the University of Oregon and is associate poetry editor of the Northwest Review. Her work has been published in several magazines, including The Connecticut Review
Lisa Norris

Ms. Norris' previous works have been published in the South Dakota Review, the Kansas Quarterly/Arkansas Review, the Southern Poetry Review, Grand Tour, and other magazines. She currently teaches fiction writing at Virginia Tech. Ms. Norris' book, Toy Guns, has won the Willa Cather Fiction Prize and will be published sometime next year. Trailer People is the first story in the book.
Nancy Walker

Ms. Walker is a professor and director of Freshman English and has published in Missouri Review, Exposures: Essays by Missouri Women, Central Park, several issues of North Dakota Quarterly, and elsewhere.