Cameron University’s George D. Keathley Department of Military Science honors Army ROTC cadets with annual awards

Cameron University’s George D. Keathley Department of Military Science presented awards and scholarships to members of the Comanche Battalion, Cameron’s Army ROTC Unit, during a ceremony held last week. The Comanche Battalion annually recognizes cadets for meritorious performance in the areas of military science, academics, physical fitness, personal achievement and leadership. Awards are sponsored by the Department of the Army; national and local societies, organizations, businesses and private individuals.

The Department of the Army Superior Cadet Decoration Award, presented to the outstanding Cadet in each Military Science level who has demonstrated strong officer potential, was presented to freshman Robert Crosswhite, sophomore Tristan McLaughlin, junior Andres Berber and senior Blake Delano.

Michael Ball, Andres Berber, Spencer Black, Keesha Holcomb and Robert McCoy were honored as Distinguished Military Graduates, which recognizes cadets in the top 20% of national accessions.

Michael Ball received the George C. Marshall ROTC Award, which recognizes the top senior in the program.

Robert McCoy received the Lawton/Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award, presented annually to an outstanding Senior Cadet who has greatly contributed to the missions of Cameron University and the George D. Keathley Department of Military Science through their outstanding professionalism and dedication to duty.

Jonathan Vann is the recipient of The Association of the United States Army Award, presented to a third-year cadet who demonstrates academic excellence and contributes to advancing the standards of the George D. Keathley Department of Military Science. 

The National Sojourners Award is presented to an outstanding second or third year cadet who demonstrates and encourages the ideals of Americanism within the corps of cadets and potential for outstanding leadership. The recipient is Brandon Crisp.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Award was presented to Carolyn Belcher. The award recognizes a fourth-year cadet who is in the top 25 percent of cadets in ROTC and academic subjects and who demonstrates loyalty, patriotism, dependability, good character, military discipline, and leadership ability. 

The Military Officers’ Association of American Award, recognizing an outstanding third-year cadet who shows exceptional potential for military leadership, was presented to Darryl Moore.

Nicholas Meaux received the Military Order of the Purple Heart Leadership Medal Award, which recognizes a third-year cadet who holds a leadership position within the cadet corps, attains at least a 3.0-grade point average in all subjects and is active in both university and community affairs. 

The Military Order of the World Wars Award, which recognizes first, second and third-year cadets who intend to continue with the ROTC program with the intention of becoming an officer, was presented to Devante Ollison, Brandon Crisp and Owen Smith.

Peter Ellis was honored with the National Society of the United States Daughters of the War of 1812 Award. The award is presented to a second-year cadet who demonstrates high moral character and shows a high degree of excellence in military history.

The Vietnam Veterans of America Award is presented to a third or fourth-year cadet who shows exceptional potential in military leadership. Zaine Steinmeyer received this award.

Jayden Roy and Travis Murt received the Special Forces Association Award of Excellence, presented to cadets who distinguish themselves in scholastic excellence and military proficiency, in keeping with the traditions and ideals of the U.S. Army Special Forces.

Andres Berber received the Frank Rickard Infantry Award. The award is presented to a cadet who has been selected to service in the Infantry Branch and continues the history of brothers in arms on the battlefield.

Recipients of the Arch Lorentzen Grant were Zaine Steinmeyer and Tristan McLaughlin. The award is made possible by the Archie and Sue Lorentzen Educational Endowment Fund at the Air Warrior Courage Foundation and recognizes academic excellence.

The American Veterans of World War II, Korea, And Vietnam Award is presented to either a third or fourth-year cadet who has been recognized for excellence in military history.  This year’s recipient is Austin Martin.

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association ROTC Honor Certificate Award is presented to a third-year cadet who is majoring in mathematics, physics, computer science or technology, or information management systems and who has demonstrated high academic achievement.  This year’s recipient is Juan Alvarado.

The General Society of the War of 1812 Award is presented to a second-year cadet who is in good academic standing and who demonstrates high moral character. Katelyn Locy received this award.

The Reserve Officer’s Association Award is presented to a cadet who demonstrates outstanding competence in the Arts and Sciences of National Defense.  This year’s recipients are Donovan Heintzman, Johnny Sanchez and Beau Hughes.

The Sons of the American Revolution Award was presented to Robin Boudiette. The award recognizes a first-year cadet who demonstrates a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities in military bearing and excellence in ROTC studies and activities.

The United States Automobile Association Spirit Award was presented to Devante Ollison, The award honors a third-year cadet who best displays the traits and characteristics that embody the spirit of service to others.  

The Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Award is presented to a cadet who has demonstrated academic excellence and has contributed most among cadets to encourage and demonstrate patriotism by deeds or conduct during participation in extracurricular activities for community projects. The recipient is Jayden Roy.

The United States Army Physical Fitness Badge is awarded to soldiers who obtain a score of 270 or higher, with a score of 90 or above in each event, on the 300-point scale of the Army Physical Fitness Test.  This year’s recipients are Andres Berber, Keesha Holcomb, Devante Ollison and Jesse Marmaduke.

Robin Boudiette, Brandon Crisp, Nicholas Meaux and Jayden Roy were selected as the Top Cadet in Each Military Science Level in recognition of scholarship, athletic and leadership excellence.



Cache: Tristan McLaughlin

Chester, Va.:  Juan Alvarado

Devol: Katelyn Locy

Duncan:  Jesse Marmaduke

Elgin: Brandon Crisp

Grand Prairie, Texas: Carolyn Belcher

Killeen, Texas: Andres Berber

Lawton/Fort Sill: Spencer Black, Robin Boudiette, Peter Ellis, Keesha Holcomb, Michael Kolthoff, Austin Martin, Nicholas Meaux, Darryl Moore, Travis Murt, Devante Ollison, Johnny Sanchez, Owen Smith, Zaine Steinmeyer, Jonathan Vann

Mustang: Michael Ball

Norman: Beau Hughes

Omaha, Neb.: Jayden Roy

Tuttle:  Robert Crosswhite

Walters:  Donovan Heintzman, Robert McCoy

Yukon: Blake Delano


March 27, 2017