Artwork by Cameron University’s Katherine Liontas-Warren to be featured in upcoming exhibits

Artwork by Cameron University faculty member Katherine Liontas-Warren will be featured in two upcoming art exhibitions. A charcoal and graphite drawing was selected for the 36th Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition, and Liontas-Warren created three new works for the Mark-Makers Art Exhibit.

drawing by Katherine Liontas Warren titled Migrant Black Bird“Migrant Black Bird” was one of 130 works selected for the Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibit, presented by Bradley University Galleries. Almost 800 works were submitted for the exhibition, which is the second-longest running juried print and drawing competition in the country. This year’s exhibition will be held at four prominent Peoria, Illinois, galleries: The Contemporary Art Center of Peoria, Studios on Sheridan, Prairie Center of the Arts, and Heuser Art Gallery at Bradley University. The exhibit will be on display from March 11 to April 17.

Liontas-Warren created three new works for the Mark Makers Exhibition. The three pieces – “A Timeless Gaze,” “Darkness Is Her Name,” and Broken Dreams and Tangled Roots” - are depictions of dolls, each created with charcoal and graphite.

drawing called A Timeless Gaze“This new series of doll drawings is a reminder of the dual nature of our past, reminding us of our youth yet bearing the unmistakable marks of age,” says Liontas-Warren. “In their lifeless imitation of their living counterparts, the dolls create an uncanny feeling of being both familiar and strange, the same notion that we may get when looking into a vanished past. We become the playthings of our memories and imagination, creating and wishing for an idealized past that may never existed.”

Liontas-Warren was one of 10 artists from Oklahoma invited to participate in the Mark Makers Exhibition by curator Narciso Arguelles. The exhibit, which explores the art of drawing, is displayed at the CHK Central Boathouse in downtown Oklahoma City and runs through May.



February 22, 2017