New issue of Cameron University history and political science journal features student research

The Cameron University Department of Social Sciences is pleased to announce the release of volume two of “The Cameron University Undergraduate Research Journal of History and Political Science (CHiPS). The journal publishes student research in history, political science, and geography. Featured in this issue are papers by CU students Sandi M. Colby, Dreama Black and Luis Jaquez. The new issue is available online at To obtain a print copy, contact the Department of Social Sciences at 580-581-2499.

Colby, a senior history major from Lawton, is the author of “Mercy Otis Warren:  Anti-Federalist by Circumstance and for Life.” Her research examines the life and times of Mercy Otis Warren in colonial America.  Colby argues that Warren was heavily influenced throughout her life by the philosophies of her close family and the events of the American Revolution.

Black’s contribution is titled “The Aftermath of the Tet Offensive:  North Vietnam’s Plan A or a Convenient Sequence of Events?”. Black asks if the North Vietnamese actually intended to stir up South Vietnamese civilians in their attack during the Tet offensive or whether the attack was meant to affect American public opinion on the war. She is a senior history major from Fletcher.

Jaquez’s paper, “Minimum Wage Politics:  Half Baked or Full Potato?”, examines the effect that raising the minimum wage has on the employment levels of low-skilled workers. He is a junior political science major from Fletcher.

Publication of CHiPS is supported by the Katherine D. Lacy Endowed Lectureship in History. 



April 7, 2017