Cameron University’s Dr. Ioannis Argyros presents research in new mathematics textbooks

Cameron University’s Dr. Ioannis Argyros, professor of mathematical sciences, has co-authored two new mathematics textbooks and contributed chapters to two additional texts. The books contain new research related to computational methods for solving equations. CU students Sagun Panda and Nirjal Shrestha contributed to Argyros’ work as part of their undergraduate research.

Springer Vergag has released “Functional Numerical Methods: Applications to Abstract Fractional Calculus”, coauthored by Dr. George A. Anastassiou, University of Memphis. Academic Press will release “A Contemporary Study of Iterative Methods,” coauthored with Dr. Alberto A. Magrenan, The International University of La Rioja, Lagrono, Spain, in 2018.

Argryos contributed “Developments on the Convergence of Some Iterative Methods” to “Optimization and Dynamics with Their Applications: Essays in Honor of Ferenc Szidarovszky.” A presentation of advanced research papers in optimization and dynamics, the volume was published by Springer Japan.

For “Applied Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications,” Argyros contributed the chapter “Convergence of Secant-like Methods for Non-Differentiable Operators.” The book will be published in 2018 by Taylor and Francis.

A member of the CU faculty since 1990, Argyros has published 26 books and more than 1,000 peer-reviewed articles on the topic of computational mathematics. He has also contributed chapters to 14 books on the topic. A member of the editorial board of numerous mathematical journals, he is a frequent reviewer for the American Mathematical Society and other mathematical journals.  Argyros is the recipient of the 2001 Distinguished Research Award from the Southwest Oklahoma Advanced Technology Association.



December 5, 2017