Cameron University launches ThankYouThon to express gratitude to donors

Beginning on October 24, the Cameron University Office of Development will launch its first ThankYouThon, during which students will be reaching out to supporters of the Cameron University Foundation to express their appreciation for the donations that have resulted in the establishment of scholarships.  Students will have the opportunity to contact one or more donors of the scholarships they have received by either a personal phone call or a handwritten letter.

“As we approach the Thanksgiving season, we want to make sure that our donors know how much their generosity is valued by the students who are directly impacted by their contributions,” says Lorie Garrison, Director of Development. “The ThankYouThon will provide our supporters with the opportunity to learn first-hand how each gift makes a difference to a Cameron student.”

The Cameron University Foundation has established more than 80 endowments which fund scholarships in perpetuity and which were made possible by contributions from alumni and their families as well as  community members from throughout Southwest Oklahoma. In addition to the endowed scholarships, the Foundation also provides a multitude of additional scholarship opportunities that are not derived from endowments.

“These scholarships are critical in making a college degree possible for so many Cameron students,” says Garrison. “This crucial support alleviates a degree of financial stress and enables so many students to continue their pursuit of a degree that they otherwise might not be able to complete. Cameron scholarship recipients are extremely appreciative of the financial assistance that is made possible by our donors. We’ve launched the ThankYouThon to give our students a direct way to express their gratitude.”

The ThankYouThon will become an annual event.

“Even with the current financial support provided to the Cameron University Foundation, we would still like to see the establishment of more endowed scholarships so we can assist a larger number of students,” says Garrison.

Those interested in contributing to a current endowment or establishing a new endowed scholarship can contact CU’s Office of Development at 580-581-2612.



October 18, 2017