Enroll now for summer classes at Cameron University

Enrollment is still open for Cameron University’s summer classes. Eight-week classes begin on Wednesday, June 1; Four-week classes begin on Wednesday, June 1 and on Wednesday, June 29.

“Students benefit from summer classes in a variety of ways,” says Jon Horinek, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success.  “They can accelerate their degree program in order to complete degree requirements in four years or less. For students who want to complete a degree in four years but have to carry a lighter class schedule due to job or personal commitments, taking six hours each summer can enable them to take 12-13 hours during the fall and spring and still graduate as planned.”

In addition to accelerating a degree plan, taking summer classes helps students stay in “study mode” by maintaining a routine of studying and learning throughout the summer. It may also help them retain information from the spring semester that they will need in the fall semester.

Summer classes are often smaller, allowing students to receive more individualized attention from professors and have more interaction with other students.

“Summer is a most advantageous time for freshmen and sophomores to take general education classes,” says Horinek. “Completing their general education classes will put them on the fast track for classes that are directly related to their academic major.”

Cameron offers summer classes in a variety of formats: traditional classroom, ITV, online and hybrid. In addition, workshops requiring a time commitment of merely one to four days are also available.

“We encourage all students to consider summer classes,” says Horinek. “Each student should consult his or her academic advisor or log in to Degree Works to map out a comprehensive plan that helps them assess which summer classes will be of the greatest benefit.”



May 12, 2016

PR# 16-0108