Cameron University Office of Student Support Services presents three freshmen with Outstanding Student Awards

Cameron University freshmen Johnathan Flint, Alicia Mitchell and Cher Whetsone were honored with the Outstanding Student Award during the 16th annual Leo Awards, presented by Cameron’s Office of Student Support Services (SSS). The award recognizes a student’s demonstrated commitment to his/her education by successfully completing all required remedial classes and using the SSS tutorial labs, maintaining a 2.5 or higher GPA, attending workshops to enhance educational opportunities, and overcoming personal, family, or financial obstacles to continue his/her education.

Johnathan Flint, Carnegie, was nominated by Lisa Jones, SSS Senior Advisor, for being the top student in her SSS section of UNIV 1113. Jones noted that Flint’s work was of high quality, he participated in the class and showed a true dedication to his learning.

Alicia Mitchell, Lawton, was nominated by Philip MacKenzie, Director of the SSS Writing Lab, for making great strides as a student in his courses, being a diligent and hard worker and for being a very active presence in the SSS community.

Cher Whetstone, Lawton, was nominated by Joseph Castelli, SSS Math Lab director, for being extremely motivated, dedicated, focused, goal-oriented, and committed to passing her math course.

Additional awards presented during the ceremony went to Gilbert Doster, SSS Alumnus Award; Kerri Stephens, instructor in the Department of Psychology, Outstanding Faculty Award; and Jared Neumann, Director, Center for Academic Success, Outstanding CU Support Award.


Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded Title IV program whose mission is to offer appropriate academic support services to Cameron University students who have academic need and are first generation, low-income, or students with disabilities. SSS strives to retain and help program participants graduate with baccalaureate degrees by providing academic advisement, tutoring, mentoring, career counseling, financial assistance information, SSS section classes and workshops, and information about campus and community resources.


May 2, 2016