Cameron University to commemorate Arbor Day with tree planting ceremony

Cameron University will hold its annual Arbor Day observance on Wednesday, March 30 at noon. Members of the Aggie Club, the Biology Club and the Botany Club will be on hand to assist with the planting of a Live Oak north of Howell Hall. The ceremony is open to the public.

“Cameron University’s annual Arbor Day observance is intended to inspire members of the community to become good stewards of the environment,” says Dr. Terry Conley, Dean of the School of Science and Technology. “We are proud to have earned the designation as a Tree Campus USA from the National Arbor Day Foundation.”

The Live Oak (“Quercus virginiana”) is known for its large, stately growth form at maturity, reaching up to 50 feet tall. The dense crown can spread to be 100 feet in diameter. While note a true evergreen, the trees retain their leaves nearly year-round. Its oblong leaves are dark green on the upper surface and silvery white on the underneath. It is a long-lived tree that is cultivated for shade and as an ornamental.

In addition to adding to the campus’ beautification efforts, the benefits of planting trees are numerous. Trees play an important role in intercepting urban storm water runoff, which can contain chemicals, oils, salts and/or litter. Strategically placed trees can increase energy efficiency. In summer, trees shading east and west walls keep buildings cooler. In winter, allowing the sun to strike the southern side of a building can warm interior spaces. Trees also play a role in air quality by absorbing pollutants, intercepting particulate matter such as dust and smoke, releasing oxygen through photosynthesis and lowering air temperatures, which reduces the production of ozone.

The first Arbor Day was observed in Nebraska in 1872, when an estimated one million trees were planted. Arbor Day is now observed in all 50 states on varying dates in accordance with local climates. Oklahoma celebrates Arbor Day during the last week in March.


March 25, 2016