Cameron University to present undergraduate science workshop for Native American college students

The Cameron University School of Science and Technology will provide an eight-week summer science workshop for Native American college undergraduates who are majoring in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer science and related fields).  The workshop, which is made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation, will take place from June 1 to July 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. In addition, the workshop includes four day-long field trips on Fridays. The workshop is open to students from any college or university. Applications are available in Sciences Complex Room 140 or by calling (580) 581-2308. The registration deadline is May 27; registration is limited to six participants. Participants must be a registered member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe.

Participants must commit to attend all workshop activities. Over the course of eight weeks, participants will complete research projects that focus on three aspects of sustainability of resources in the face of ongoing global climate change, including: water quality measurements, analysis of microbial diversity, and analysis of tree age and growth variation using techniques from dendrochronology. The broad nature of the workshop will introduce participants to concepts in both the physical and life sciences and will reinforce and improve quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills by teaching participants to gather, analyze, and interpret data.

Participants will receive a $2,500 stipend. At the conclusion of the workshop, each will receive a laptop computer.


May 14, 2015