Cameron University invites business professionals to network with CU students during Back to Business Bash

Two Cameron University academic units - the School of Business and the Department of Agriculture - will host the Back to Business Bash on Tuesday, September 1, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on the lawn of Ross Hall. The event provides students, faculty, local business professionals and other community members with an opportunity to meet and network in a relaxed environment. The event is open to Cameron students, faculty and staff as well as to business professionals throughout the area. The annual Back to Business Bash includes free food and entertainment. 

“A key aspect in business is the ability to network with others,” says John Camey, Dean, School of Business. “Inviting local business professionals to the Back to Business Bash allows students the opportunity to experience networking and cultivate their social skills in a professional capacity. We are happy to partner with the Cameron Department of Agriculture for the second year to ensure that the agribusiness sector – a key driver of the economy in southwest Oklahoma – is represented.”

“We take great pride in providing a quality education to our students both in and out of the classroom environment,” says Dr. Leon Fischer, Chair, Department of Agriculture. “Cameron agriculture students have the potential to greatly impact the lives of consumers around the country, starting right here at Cameron and in our local community. Since Agribusiness students take business courses, this event introduces those students to the business faculty and community."

As with all of Cameron’s academic units, the ACBSP-accredited School of Business and the Department of Agriculture strive to educate and prepare students to become skilled professionals who will add value to their organizations and communities. 

For more information, contact the Cameron University School of Business at (580) 581-2267 or

The Cameron University School of Business is accredited by ACBSP, a specialized accreditation association for business education which embraces teaching excellence.



August 25, 2015