1. You must be enrolled in undergraduate course work at Cameron University to participate.

2. Problems will be posted in a folder on a table in the Math Dept. ( Burch Hall Basement) at 8:00 AM. on the first day of the month. If the first day of the month is weekend or Holiday, then problems will be posted on the following school day of the month.

3. Write out your solutions clearly show all of your work, and use proper mathematical notation. The writing of the solution and the steps shown to reach the solution are part of the contest and will be judged.

4. Fold your solution vertically and place your name on the outside. Label the paper with "The Problem of the Month Solution" with the appropriate month.

5. Return your solutions to either Ms. Laura Wisdom or Dr. Wayne Eby. Date and time will be recorded on the outside of the paper and will be the time of the submission of your official solution. Email submissions will not be accepted.

6. Papers will be judged in the order received. The first paper that is judged to have the correct solution will win the prize for the month. The judge's decisions are final.

7. Prizes will be awarded at the next MathCom meeting following the completion of the contest. Students need not be present at the MathCom meeting to win their prize.



MathCom members are given a DODECAHEDRON each time they participate in a MathCom event. The winner of the competition is the person with the most dodecahedrons at the end of the semester. A prize will be given accordingly.