Licensed Marital and Family Therapist (LMFT)

The Marital and Family Therapist license (LMFT) is awarded by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and not by Cameron University. The academic requirements for the LMFT can be found at

Below we have listed the academic requirements of the LMFT and the Cameron Courses that fulfill each requirement. Some courses have prerequisites which must be met prior to enrollment.  All students must be admitted to the Graduate School prior to enrollment. Please contact the Graduate Advisor, Claudia Edwards, at 580-581-7929 or to enroll in graduate courses.

Part I - Theoretical Foundations of Marriage and Family (9 hours)
PSY 5393 Systems Theory
PSY 5323 Theoretical Foundations of Marital & Family Systems
PSY 5313 Psychology of Interpersonal Communication
PSY 5223 Psychology of Aging

Part II - Assessment & Treatment (9 hours)
PSY 5333 Assessment of Marriage & Family
PSY 5353 Theories of Marriage & Family Therapies
PSY 5343 Marriage & Family Counseling

Part III - Human Development (9 hours)
PSY 5203 Human Development
PSY 5243 Advanced Psychology of Personality
PSY 5363 Psychopathology

Part IV - Ethics & Professional Studies (3 hours)
PSY 5003 Ethical Principles in Counseling, Assess & Res.


Part V - Research (3 hours)
PSY 5053 Introduction to Statistics in Behavioral Sciences
PSY 5013 Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences

Part VI - Practicum (at least 300 clock hours)

Note:  Practicum at Cameron is 150 clock hours; thus, two practicum courses must be completed. 
Practicum courses can be repeated. 

Practicum in Marriage & Family Therapy II

PSY 5893 Practicum in Marriage & Family Therapy I
PSY 5903 Practicum in Marriage & Family Therapy II

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