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The Cameron Library is pleased to offer a laptop computer checkout service to Cameron students, staff and faculty.  Laptops are available for checkout at the Library Circulation Desk and may be used for the purposes of study, work, and research. The Cameron library has six laptop computers for four hour in-library use and six laptop computers for one day loan.

 Limits & Availability

1. 1.   The laptop computers can only be checked out by currently enrolled Cameron students, staff, or faculty.

1. 2.   The six laptops for use only in the Cameron Library cannot be removed from the building.  

1. 3.   Patrons who have overdue books or fines are ineligible to use this service.

1. 4.   Laptops will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They cannot be reserved ahead of time.

1. 5.   An eligible patron is allowed to borrow one laptop at a time.

1. 6.   In-library use laptops will not be checked out when there is less than one hour of time before the Library closes.

1. 7.   Printing is not available from laptops.  Patrons may use Library Computer Lab computers to print.

1. 8. Audio or video files must be played with a headphone in the library. 

Checkout Procedure

2. 1.   A patron borrowing a laptop should read and agree to abide by the Cameron Library Laptop Checkout Policy and the Cameron PC Use Policy.

2. 2.   A patron borrowing a laptop is required to present a valid Cameron ID card or another valid picture ID card.  There are no exceptions to this policy unless approved by the Library Director or Access Services Librarian.

2. 3.   A borrower must sign the Laptop Checkout Agreement before he/she can take a laptop away from the circulation Desk.

2. 4.   At the time of checkout, the laptop will be inspected by a circulation staff member (or a student worker) to make sure it is intact and functioning properly.

2. 5.   A borrower will be cautioned to save his/her files in his/her flash or jump drives, CD, or to send them via an email attachment.  All files will be erased after the computer is shut down.

2. 6.   The laptop will be checked out to the borrower’s Cameron Library account.

Loan Period & Renewals

3. 1.   The checkout period for six in-library-use laptops is up to four hours and the checkout period for the other six laptops is 24 hours.  

 3. 2.   For students, a checked-out in-library-use laptop can be renewed for another two hours, given that no other eligible patrons are waiting to check out a laptop. Twenty-four-hour loan laptops can be rechecked out only with a special approval from a circulation supervisor or a librarian.

3. 3.   The borrower must return the laptop along with accessories to the circulation desk at the end of a four hour checkout period to renew the checkout.

Check-in Procedure

4. 1.   When returning, the borrower should allow at least five minutes for the Circulation staff member or a student worker to check the equipment.

4. 2.   Borrowers must return the laptop to a Circulation staff member or a student worker.  A laptop should not be left unattended at the Circulation counter.

4. 3.   A staff member or a student worker will verify that all parts are present and that the computer and all accessories are in good working order.

4. 4.   The laptop will be booted up and checked for functionality upon return.

4. 5.   The laptop will then be checked in from the borrower’s library account.

Fines & Liability

5. 1.   A patron's privilege to check out a laptop may be removed for one semester if the patron fails to return loaned equipment by the due time on more than two occasions or leaves before the check-in procedure is complete.

5. 2.   For each two hours up to twenty four hours that a laptop is overdue, the borrower’s circulation account will be blocked for one day.

5. 3.   The borrower is responsible for making sure that the laptop is in working order and without physical damage when it is checked out.

5. 4.   Under no circumstances should a borrower leave the laptop unattended.  The library will not be responsible for a lost or stolen laptop even when it is used in the library. 

5. 5.   It is the borrower’s full responsibility and fiscal liability for all costs associated with damage to the laptop computer or its associated peripheral equipment during the period it is checked out or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen.

Troubleshooting Problems & Questions

6. 1.   If patrons experience problems with laptop hardware or applications or have questions, they should ask the Library Computer Specialist or Circulation staff. 

6. 2.   The borrower will be fiscally responsible for any damage to a laptop if he/she tries to troubleshoot problems.  


7. 1.   Cameron Library is not responsible for damage to any removable drive (i.e. CD or flash drive) or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning hardware or software.

Last updated: 10/30/2018


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