Downloading eBooks

Installation/Account Creation

1. Register for an ebrary account.
A patron having an ebrary account should go to Step 2. A patron not having an ebrary account should register and create one. Visit to complete the registration.

creating an ebrary account
creating an ebrary account

2. Download the free ebrary app from Apple's app store or Google Play.
To download the ebrary app from Apple's app store, use the device browser to go to To download the ebrary app from Google Play.  Or use the app store and Google Play to search for the term "ebrary."

ebrary application

3. Sign In

Open the ebrary app and sign in. Then either enter your Adobe ID or create an Adobe ID

ebrary login and entering Adobe ID
login and entering adobe ID

Adobe manages the "checkouts."  Each patron may download up to ten ebrary eBooks for up to fourteen days at any one time. Once signed in, a patron may begin searching for and downloading eBooks through the ebrary app.

Downloading EBSCO Ebooks

Optional Step

In addition to the downloadable books available through ebrary you can also download ebooks through EBSCO.

After entering a  search term, select the Download (Offline) link next to the desired eBook.

Image showing download link

Before downloading an eBook, either login to your EBSCO account or register for a free EBSCO account.

You will then be given the option to choose your preferred checkout period and format.

Preferred checkout period and format

Once the book has been downloaded to your mobile device, choose the "Open in ebrary" option to view the ebook.

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