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Education A portal to information for current or future students.  Includes information about financial aid and scholarships, career development, diversity resources, etc.
FAFSA Federal financial aid information
National Report Card Broken down by state
Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study International education comparisons in the subjects of math and science.
School Uniforms Statistics
School Crime and Safety Contains information about school violence and related subjects.
U.S. Department of Education Contains information about the state of education in the U.S. including funding, policies, resources, etc.
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Data and Research This site contains data and research from the Oklahoma State Department of Education. A site about texting while driving. Part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Affects of Mentoring  A report that details some of the effects of mentoring high school students.
Prayer in Public Schools Information about prayer in public schools.
Religious organizations and the U.S. Department of Education Information about religious groups participating in Department of Education program.
Title IX This site contains information about Title IX.
Office on Violence Against Women  
Statistics about college-students Please refer to Table five for statistics about non-traditional college students
Non-traditional college students A report about non-traditional college students.
Homeschooling Statics about homeschooling in the United States.
ADHD and teens A report about treating ADHD in children and teens. From the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
School Enrollment Statistics about school enrollment in the United States.
Oklahoma Academic Standards Links to information about the Oklahoma PASS standards.
Office of Educational Technology The OET oversees technology in U.S. education
Education and Incarceration Statistical information about education and prisons in the U.S.
Education and Incarceration A report about prisoners and education in the U.S.
Projections of Education Statistics to 2013 A report about the projections of education statistics.
Rankings and Estimates Rankings of the States 2005 and Estimates of School Statistics 2006.
Not Alone Information and Resources about the prevention of Sexual Assault.

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