Cameron University Library Circulation Policy

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The library's circulation policies try to ensure that each patron may borrow needed materials for a time period long enough in duration to accomplish reading, research and analysis needs yet short enough in duration to ensure that materials are readily available to others who may seek them.

A Cameron University picture identification card, or a current alumni or courtesy card is required to borrow books and place requests. Use of the ID indicates agreement to observe library policies. 

Materials That Circulate

  • Circulating materials held at the circulation desk 
  • Circulating materials shelved on the both floors 
  • Curriculum materials
  • Designated reserves
  • Interlibrary loan materials not designated library use only
  • Maps
  • DVDs & VHS
  • CDs
  • Laptops
  • E-Readers
  • Headphones
  • Vision Booster Magnifiers

Materials That Do Not Circulate

  • Reference materials*
  • Serials, newspapers, magazines*
  • Archive and special collections materials
  • Interlibrary loan materials designated Library Use Only
  • Microfilm and microfiche

* Librarians may make exceptions. Exceptions require completion and patron signature of check-out cards.

Loan Periods and Limits

Presented below are circulation limits and periods by patron type. Under certain circumstances, librarians and full-time library circulation staff members make exceptions to these limits.


Loan Period*

Checkout Limits**



180 Days

50 items


Adjunct Faculty

60 days

30 items



60 days

30 items



30 days

20 items


Alumni Association Member

30 days

10 items


Courtesy Card***

20 days

5 items


* The loan period of textbooks is only FOUR hours.

** Videos and Music CDs are limited to five. Reserved items are limited to four. Textbooks are limited to two. The limit on circulating materials limits all together all formats.
*** An OK-Share Card holder will be issued a CU Courtesy Card to check out circulating materials.

A student who is not currently enrolled but who has a school-related need for library service access may acquire this access upon presentation of a letter from a faculty member addressed to the Access Services Librarian. The letter should describe the former student's library-related needs.

Electronic Devices/Accessories Loan Periods and Limits


Checkout Time



4 hours

Library Use Only. Faculty, staff and students only.


14 days

Faculty, staff, and students only


4 hours

Library Use Only.

Vison Booster Magnifier

4 hours

Library Use Only.

Book Return

Return items to a person working at the circulation desk inside the library during library operating hours. When the library is closed, items may be place in the library book drop. For assistance, contact the Circulation Staff at 580-581-2956.

Fines & Fees

Textbooks & Reserve Items

For each two hours that a textbook or a reserved item is returned late, the borrower will be blocked from further checkouts for one day.

Interlibrary Loan Items

An item that is five days overdue carries a $5.00 fine.  An item that is beyond five days overdue carries a $5.00 fine plus a fifty-cent-per-day fine. 

Lost books, videos, & CDs

Replacement price (obtained from or $30 for out of print book and a $10 processing fee for each lost item. 

Damaged items

Current re-binding cost or replacement price (obtained from plus a $10 processing fee for each lost item. 

To schedule an appointment with the Director of Library Services, contact Senior Library Associate - General at or 580-581-2962.

Item Holds

A patron may request that a circulating item on loan be held upon its return.  Upon the item's return, library staff members will notify the requesting patron of its availability.  Staff members will hold the item for three days.

Maximum number of outstanding holds the patron can have is 5 items. If a patron has more than this number of outstanding holds, he is prevented from placing any additional holds.

A patron may request that a circulating item be held at the circulation desk when he/she is temporarily not able to check it out. The item will be held for three days. 

Item Recall 
The library may recall an item if another patron places a hold on the item or the item is needed for a Course Reserve.

  • All materials are subject to recall except textbooks and reserved items.
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff members all have recall privileges. This service is not available to Courtesy Card or OK-Share Card holders.
  • Recalls may be placed at the Circulation Desk or through the C.U. Library online catalog.
  • The holder of a recalled item will receive a notification email with a new due date. This person may keep the recalled item for 10 days before it is returned to the library OR keep it till the original due date, whichever comes first. Recalled material cannot be renewed.
  • Materials required for the Course Reserve are subject to immediate recall.
  • A library patron who fails to return a recalled book by its new due date may have his or her library privileges suspended. 
  • Patrons are notified by email when their recalled items have arrived. A recalled item is held at the Circulation Desk for 3 days before it goes to the next borrower or before it is re-shelved.

Last Updated: 10/22/2016

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